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Joseph Pickett

Think about the feelings you have when you are on a rollercoaster. Fear, excitement, nervousness – how your heart is in your throat and how your stomach turns. Then imagine being two years old and feeling that way all the time. Full Story

Naomi Pitts
Even before she was diagnosed, Naomi Pitts knew something was wrong – and that it was very bad. She was playing volleyball for her middle school at the time, and she realized she was tiring too quickly. Naomi's mother, Christine, encouraged her to keep on working hard at volleyball practice, but when the fatigue continued she decided to take her daughter in for an emergency department visit. “Within an hour of seeing her, the ED doctor came out and told us it was cancer,” Christine recalls. Full Story

Jase Franklin
Jordan and Jarrett Franklin were excited about becoming parents, and confident they would introduce their son Jase to his new nursery a few short days after birth. They never imagined it would take nearly a month, and a team of exceptional health professionals, for him to become well enough to go home. Full Story

Jackson Griffin
Just moments after Jackson Griffin was born on October 5, 2012, doctors at Flowers Hospital in Dothan knew he would need the help of Children’s of Alabama and its heart surgery team in order to survive. “We found out that Jackson had a congenital heart defect,” says his mother, Debbie. “He was flown to Children’s three hours after he was born.” Full Story

Chandler Fullman
On September 14, 2010, Chandler Fullman went to school as a healthy, typical 14-year-old looking forward to trying out for the high school golf team. During a routine weight training session in his physical education class Chandler suddenly fell ill and lost consciousness. He was immediately rushed to Children’s of Alabama where he was diagnosed with a brain bleed. Full Story

Ben Golden
Ben Golden’s story is about patience and planning, a big dream and perfect timing – and how all these things came together at Children’s of Alabama to save Ben’s life. Full Story

Brooklyn Royse
Amy and Robert Royse had known about Brooklyn’s heart problems since their daughter was just two years old, so every year they took her in for a routine visit with her cardiologist in their hometown of Mobile. Full Story

Baxter Moseley
Last September, when Baxter Moseley was asked to prepare an essay for a high school English class, he knew immediately how he would begin: “It’s funny how you can go to sleep as one person, but wake up feeling like someone brand new, fresh out of the box,” he wrote. “This is what happened to me...” Full Story

Courtney Alvis
Courtney Alvis of Bessemer remembers the first few months after her 16th birthday – driving to the mall, going to movies and enjoying her newfound independence. But that all changed on November 1, 2010, after what Courtney thought would be a routine visit to the pediatrician. Full Story

Walker McCain
Before May 26, 2011, 17-year-old Walker McCain was an all-star cross-country runner for Mountain Brook High School. But the race of his life began on that day after he flipped over the handlebars of his bicycle, slid almost 75 feet and struck his head on a large rock. Full Story

Alex Thompson
Ross and Ingrid Thompson only thought they knew the meaning of the word “hope” when they named their newborn daughter Alexandra Hope. But 12 years later, the word would take on an even deeper meaning when Alex was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Full Story

Ward Webb
It was every parent’s worst nightmare. When Ward Webb was only 4 years old, he was outside playing when he came in contact with a live power line and was critically injured. Full Story

Maisie House
As residents of the Birmingham suburb of Vestavia Hills, Jennifer and Blaine House were familiar with Children’s of Alabama and its mission of caring for kids. Blaine had even volunteered for more than a decade with the Annual Pig Iron BBQ Challenge, which benefits Children’s Harbor Family Center. Full Story

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