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Diagnosed at age 4 Months Old

Lambdoid Craniosynostosis
Kailyn Black

Kailyn's mom, Courtney, found a small ridge on the back of her daughter’s skull and asked her pediatrician about it at Kailyn's two week check up. The doctors told her it was nothing to worry about. Finally, at Kailyn's four month visit, the doctor told Courtney if she would feel better he would refer her to Children's Hospital. He said that it could possibly be craniosynostosis, but it was probably just from lying her on her back too often. When Kailyn was four months old, she made her first trip to Children's of Alabama. Kailyn was almost automatically diagnosed by the doctors at Children's. X-rays confirmed that Kailyn had Lambdoid Craniosynostosis. Four long months later, Kailyn would have surgery to correct the bone structure in her skull. Her surgery lasted about five hours. Kailyn’s surgery was successful and she was even trying to get out of her hospital crib the next day. Kailyn returned home three days later. She is now a very happy toddler who is full of life. The wonderful staff at Children's of Alabama took care of all of us and I am so thankful for this wonderful place.
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