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Hydronephrosis, IVH Grade III, Grade III Reflux, hole in heart
Eric Hurter

Eric (2 lbs 3 oz) and Kaitlyn (2 lbs) were born 14 weeks early at UAB Hospital. Kaitlyn was transferred to Children's Hospital on June 2nd, 2006 due to NEC. Eric stayed at UAB but has since seen several doctors at UAB and Children's Hospital. He was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis, IVH Grade III, Grade III Reflux and a hole in his heart. He was able to come home to be with us on August 31st, 2006. His sister was in the hospital until Ocotber 18th, 2006. Today Eric is a happy and healthy 2.5 year old with no lasting effects of his prematurity. He was and still is in God's hands. We are ever so grateful to all the personnel at Children's for their compassion and involvement in our children's lives.
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