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Mosaic Trisomy 8, Hemophilia A, spinal abnormality
Dalton Hardigree

Dalton Andrew Hardigree was born in Huntsville. He spent 19 days in their NICU when they decided to ask Children's of Alabama to help us with his healthcare. Children's accepted him as a patient, and they flew him to Birmingham to the Quarterback Club Tower. Within 24 hours of landing, we learned so much about our son.

I am writing this story because Children’s of Alabama is an amazing place and I feel that people need to know. They have so many wonderful people working countless days and hours to help save lives. Unfortunately Dalton became an Angel on March 27, 2015, but we know that Children's did everything possible to make him as comfortable as they could. Dalton had one of the smallest spinal cords the Neurology department had ever seen. Bio Tech Limb and Brace, a partner of Children's of Alabama, even made a custom back brace to prevent any further injury. I am very confident that while the time we had with our son was short, without Children's of Alabama our time would not have been as long. Thank you for everything!!
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