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International Adoption Clinic
Stevie Stanfill

When Taylor and Sally Stanfill began their adoption journey, they were unsure of the support they would need and when they would need it. Luckily, before they got too deep into the process, someone recommended the International Clinic at Children’s of Alabama. The Stanfills turned to the clinic when they received the file for their son, Stevie.

“They reviewed his file so quickly and were able to give us a thorough look into what his adoption would look like,” Sally said. “It was so helpful to get that clear picture of what to be prepared for.”

The Stanfills traveled to China in July 2017 to bring Stevie home. While preparing to travel halfway around the world, the Stanfills were reassured knowing the clinic was on call if anything came up.

“It was an incredible comfort that they had someone on call for us,” Sally said. “While we were in China, we did send them questions and that was a huge resource. They also sent with us a variety of medications we and Stevie may need, not just typical prescriptions a child might need, but specific ones he might need in case of emergency because they knew his file so well. They equipped us to go there as prepared as we could be.”

The clinic also prepared the Stanfills once they returned home, as Stevie suffers from hemophilia and needed to see a specialist in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. “The clinic put us in touch with the doctors we needed here at home and that was huge,” Sally said. “It was obviously a hectic and stressful time for us, and they paved the path for us in getting us where we needed to be.”

The clinic continues to be a valuable resource for the Stanfills. Every six months, they travel to Birmingham for appointments at the clinic, and it’s there that they get so much more support than just physical well checks for Stevie.

“They go so far beyond what you expect at a typical doctor’s appointment,” Sally said. “They evaluate the whole child and they are doing it from a perspective of adoption. They work with us on really anything we could possibly need.”

And oftentimes those needs go beyond just the physical well-being of Stevie. Like many adoptive families, the Stanfills have often needed consultation on things like attachment, bonding and even how to explain details about the adoption process to friends and family.

“We have felt so safe, supported, and comforted by the entire staff at the International Adoption Clinic,” Sally said. “They totally understand what it’s like to adopt. It’s almost like it’s a whole separate language sometimes and they completely get it. They are such a helpful resource. Every time we need them, they lead us in the right direction when it comes to finding the best way to take care of our family.”
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