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Amber K.
Our daughter weighed only nine pounds at age 9 months. She ate, but couldn't keep it down. She had seizures. After several stays at hospitals in Dothan, we were transferred to Children’s Hospital for diagnosis. After many tests, she was diagnosed as “failure to thrive” due to developmental delay. Today she is 25 and attends Vivian B. Adams School for the handicapped in Ozark. She has made great progress, can read, write, works both in the school's greenhouse and as a school greeter. She goes bowling and rides horses. The staff at Children's was just fantastic. They treated us with such compassion and really listened to us. During our stay, there was a lot of renovation going on, and things were a little wild, but the staff was constant in their devotion and dedication!
Brody got sick Sept 1 2010 right before he was 6 months old.We knew something was wrong...he would vomit up anytime he ate or drank and increasingly became more legarthic.Every few minutes he was screaming in pain.We took him to our local hospital where he was admitted for a stomach bug.That was a Wednesday night.Thursday night He had a diaper full of blood but was told this was not cause for alarm.After another day of nothing being test and no meds and NO answers we transferred him to a bigger hospital 45 minutes away.That night he had another bloody diaper.Saturday morning the 4th the pediatrician came to see him and he started vomiting green.She immediatly told me to get ready to go to Childrens in birmingham that she was having him flew there.Life Flight took my baby at 11:30 that morning.We had to drive up and by the time...
Today is a beautiful day in May. The warm rays of the sun and butterflies that welcome the early summer fill me with a deep sorrow. A light breeze brings whispers to the trees and seem to carry the lovely voice of my son, who died some years ago of acute lymphocytic leukemia. He was just seven years old. It was a Sunday night, while nature was showing off her colorful dress and life was felt everywhere.
My grandson would pass out when he cried. We were sent to Children's Hospital and spent three days there. I still can't believe how wonderful everyone was to us. from the doctors down to the house keeping people. The Doctors and the nurses took the time to explain everything to us in detail. They were so encouraging about his future and how he would grow out of it.
My name is Whitney and I’m 11 years old and here is my story about how I became a patient at Children’s. It was April 15, 2009, and I was doing a back handspring and broke both forearms. I was rushed to Marshall Medical South (MMS) where they had to put both my arms back in place. Then I had to spend the night there when the next week I had a follow-up appointment (APPT). When I went to my follow-up appointment I was referred to Children’s Hospital North in Birmingham to see Dr.Gilbert. On April 23, 2009 I had surgery on my right forearm; they had to insert a metal plate and 4 screws in my arm also. I had appointments monthly. On August 12, in one of my x-rays Dr.Gilbert noticed that the metal plate was broken. Two weeks later on August 28, 2009, I had another metal...
Marie Elizabeth McCormick
Marie was 5 years old when she began getting sick. She got her 5 year old booster shots and everything started to go wrong. She was tired and couldn't stay awake for long. She started to bruise and stayed sick. We went to the doctor several times and nobody knew what was wrong. This went on until August 7th. She started kindergarten and would come home and pass out for the night until morning. Then on August 24th, she woke up and had a bad cough and couldn't breathe. We took her to the ER and they did a CBC and found her platelet count was 17,000. She was then taken to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Al. There she went through testing to see what was wrong. September 28, 2007 she was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. She went through drug treatment for 6 months. Then we looked for a...
Hannah Acton
It’s not often cancer is considered a positive experience. For cancer survivors Hannah Acton and Logan Whitehead, their respective journeys led to a joyful engagement and plans for a future filled with happiness.
Analeigh Albright
Today, it’s commonplace for Jeffrey and Amber Albright to watch their daughter, Analeigh, run and play as children do. It’s a sight the Albrights don’t take for granted, as it wasn’t long ago Analeigh learned to walk again – twice.
Shayne and Payne Alexander
Shayne and Payne are twins born at only 24 weeks gestation on October 4, 2000 in Dothan. They stayed in the hospital for four months, gaining weight and getting stronger each day. They were both on ventilators but would aspirate every time they would cry. Their mom and dad, Michelle and Doyle, wondered when they would ever get to take them home. They did get strong enough to breathe on their own and both were released from the hospital in early February 2001, just days apart. Michelle said once they got them home they could barely suck their bottles. They were only home a few days before they were back in the hospital. They found that both boys had severe hernias, which made them cry all the time from the excruciating pain.
Jeffrey and Linda Allen
One afternoon in 1972, Linda Allen found herself back where she had spent much of her childhood – only this time her son was the patient.
Courtney Alvis
Courtney Alvis of Bessemer remembers the first few months after her 16th birthday – driving to the mall, going to movies and enjoying her newfound independence. But that all changed on November 1, 2010, after what Courtney thought would be a routine visit to the pediatrician.
Cash Stanfield Anderson
"History Does Repeat Itself"
Ella Kate Anderson
Ella Kate Anderson made headlines in her hometown of Hartselle in 2013 when at just four
Grayson Anderson
Brain Tumor Survival Story
Tinsley Andrews
My daughter Tinsley Andrews was born on Dec.8,2004 in Ft.Payne, Alabama. She was born with a bi-lateral cleft palate. We were transferred to Huntsville Hospital for a week and a half because of the difficulties she was having with breathing and feeding. We were then transferred to Children’s for Drs. Boyle, Georgeson, and Grant to work their magic. On January 2, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Georgeson performed Fondoplication and placed a feeding tube into Tinley's stomach. This was the first step toward a healthy childhood for Tinsley. We then would meet Dr. Grant and his nurse Dana. They were great. We had several long days and long nights during the two and a half weeks we were there. We were on the 3rd floor for several days and then were moved to the 5th floor. That was where Tinley and I met our "Nurse Angel" by the name of Courtney...
Saniyah Arnold
According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average weight of a 2 ½ year old female is about 30 pounds. When Saniyah Arnold was hospitalized at Children’s of Alabama at that age, she weighed approximately 50 pounds. Her weight gain, however, was not due to obesity; she had over 20 pounds of excess water in her body caused by a condition called nephrotic syndrome.
Jada Ayala
I was pregnant with my 5th child and was 4 months along when I went in for a regular ultrasound to find out what it was going to be. The tech told me that she was a girl but she thought that she needed the head tech to come in and look at something on the screen. She told me that they couldn’t get a good picture of her belly button and that they really needed it, so they would be calling me back in for another check. I have four previous children and never had I had to go back and have something go wrong but I knew when I left that day that something just wasn’t right. I got the phone call about 3 days later with the nurse telling me that there was something wrong with my baby. And that they were sending me to UAB...
Ashton Ayers
Jerri Ayers knew her daughter Ashton was special from the moment she was born seven and a half weeks early on April 8, 1998. She had lost two pregnancies before she conceived Ashton and could tell this baby was a fighter.
Virginia Bach
There was nothing about her pregnancy that would have alerted Amy Bach to the medical problems of her newborn daughter Virginia. The only clue came a few days later when the little girl started showing symptoms of jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes caused by high levels of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a yellow substance that the body creates when it replaces old red blood cells. Usually, newborn jaundice is not harmful, and if treatment is needed, it is generally quite effective.
Rachel Badgett
When I was 2 weeks old, I began projectile vomiting. Over the next few days, I could not keep any food down at all. I began to lose weight and cried constantly. My parents took me to doctor after doctor and were told that I just had virus. Thankfully, my parents knew something else was going on. They finally took me to the local emergency room where the pediatrician on call diagnosed my condition as pyloric Stenosis. Pyloric Stenosis is most common in first-born boys, but even then is pretty rare. And here I was a girl but sure enough, I had it. I was transferred to Children's Hospital in Birmingham where the doctors performed the surgery to correct my condition; if they had waited 24 more hours to do my surgery I would have died. I was in the hospital for several weeks but came home healthy. If it...
Jessica Baeder
As Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Jessica Baeder travels around the country and spends time with kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Whether it’s a quick bedside chat or a playtime activity, Jessica finds joy in making a child’s day a little brighter. And it wasn’t long ago when she, too, was in need of a reassuring smile or a lighthearted distraction.
Carol Grace Bailey
Carol Grace, the daughter of Hope and Chad Bailey of Tuscaloosa, was diagnosed with spina bifida while in utero. Hope’s obstetrician arranged for her to have her baby at University Hospital in Birmingham.
Levi Bailey
My grandson, Levi was diagnosed with cancer, neuroblastoma February 2, 2002 in stage 4. He was given chemo to shrink the tumor, then he had surgery to remove the tumor, then a stem cell transplant and radiation on his lungs; (the cancer was in his lungs, not in his bone marrow as all other children's have been). No cancer could be found in May 2003 but he relapsed in August 2003. Chemo was started again then Dr. Eric Gratias referred him to Sloan-Kettering in New York for 3F8 treatment. There he had several 3F8 IV treatments which are very painful, and 10 more radiation treatments. They performed bone marrows, scans and other tests during his several visits there. He has been clear of cancer since late 2004 and we are very grateful for God's graciousness in giving the doctors at Children's Hospital and at Sloan-Kettering know how to treat Levi....
Charlotte Baker
Vestavia Hills High School senior Charlotte Baker has already settled on a college major. Admitted to the fall 2018 freshman class at Auburn University, she will study human development and family studies with a concentration in child life – a decision inspired by her own medical journey at Children’s of Alabama.
Khalika D. Bankhead
She had open heart surgery at 4 months old. As she got older she wasn't gaining weight. A gastronomy tube was put in to feed her.
Ella Brooke Barefield
Ella Brooke's Story
Elliot Barfield
On April 7, 1994, due to complications, Elliott was born at 26 weeks gestation weighing only 1 lb 11 1/2 ounces and was only 13 inches long. He was born at UAB in Birmingham and struggled being on life support for 29 days and continuing to need oxygen following that. After five months he had not made considerable progress. He was still dependent on oxygen and was transferred to Children's Hospital for surgery to correct a hiatal hernia and to receive a gastrostomy for feeding. He came through the surgery with great success and started to make improvements. He was finally able to go home at the age of eight months weighing eight pounds with a feeding tube, 24 hour oxygen, and too many medications to list. He struggled but was such a joy to have. He grew at a slow pace and after 6 years he was able...
Shannon Barnes
January 22, 2003, is a day that Shannon Barnes of Gardendale, Alabama, and her family will never forget. Shannon and her younger sister, Tabitha, never imagined that on their drive home from school that day, their lives would change forever. Along the way home, Shannon, 16, pulled up to a red light and stopped, waiting for the light to turn green. When the light finally turned, Shannon paused and looked both ways to make sure that the road was clear before she proceeded home. Just seconds after she put her foot on the pedal, an 18-wheeler came barreling down the hill towards Shannon’s car.
Walker Barnett
Being first time parents we did not know what to expect when we had our first born son Walker. We knew early in the pregnancy that he had fluid on his kidneys. They discovered it while doing an ultrasound around 19 weeks into the pregnancy. The doctor's had told us it could mean several different things, and they needed to monitor it every few weeks until Walker was born. Before we knew it, it was time to welcome Walker into the world. Less than 12 hours after he was born we got a phone call from his doctor telling us we needed to take Walker straight to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, that Dr. Herndon would be waiting on us to see Walker immediately. You can't imagine the horror that we had as new parents not knowing what was wrong. As soon as we arrived at Children's and got checked in,...
Jaquares Bates
Like most 9-year-old boys, Jaquares Bates is all about superheroes. And like the strong characters he so admires, Jaquares has long exhibited a heroic strength all his own.
Savannah Baugh
It was to be a fun long weekend for the Baugh family when festivities took a dangerous turn.
Kimberly Parrish Baxley
When I was four years old I started falling a lot. Then it got to where I could not get off of the floor by myself. My parents brought me to Children's Hospital. They ran tests and they found a tumor on my spine. My parents started a prayer chain. The next morning the doctor prepared to do surgery. He did one last X-ray and the tumor was gone. To me that is a miracle.
Toby Baxley
At a very awkward time and place in my life, Children's taught me that it wasn't so bad to have to take shots several times a day, and that I wasn't any different than any other kid in my class--that along with a lot of smiling and friendly faces, made my disease seem like it wasn't that big of a monster after all.
Zoey Bell
A persistent case of bronchitis first brought 5-year-old Zoey Bell from her home in Gadsden to see pulmonologists at Children’s of Alabama. “She had had a lot of problems before she was diagnosed and had chronic, recurring bronchitis,” said her mother, Miranda Bell. “We had been battling that for a year and she was really sick.”
Denver Benjamin
On any given day, you’ll find 17-year-old Cherokee High School student Denver Benjamin practicing with her cheer team or working on her technique in three other sports – basketball, softball and volleyball. And by watching her play, you’d never know Denver experienced a significant stroke.
Braden Berry
Ask Braden Berry who is his favorite superhero and you’ll get more than one answer. It’s Spiderman. And Batman. And the Hulk. He’s undecided on his Halloween costume, but let there be no doubt his final choice will be mighty and powerful.
Joshua Bishop
When Joshua was 2 months old I discovered a knot on his arm after a bath. I took him to the pediatrician and he was not overly concerned but did send us on to have a surgeon take a look at it. The surgeon thought it was nothing and could not really tell from the ultrasound that they did so he thought it would be best to just remove it to be on the safe side. He told us there was a 1-3% chance of it being anything concerning. When Joshua was 3 months old he had surgery to remove the knot and a biopsy was sent. It was found that Joshua had neuroblastoma. We were immediately sent to the hem/onc clinic at Children's and Joshua was scheduled for several tests. After several different scans the original tumor was found on his right adrenal...
Joshua Bishop
Joshua was born a healthy little boy. When he was 2 months old I noticed a lump on his arm. Our pediatrician sent us to a surgeon to possibly have it removed. At 3 months it was removed and 3 days later we learned that he had neuroblastoma. After several scans and tests it was found that Joshua had a primary neuroblastoma tumor in his abdomen on top of his adrenal gland. He was diagnosed with stage 4s neuroblastoma because it had spread from the original site and he was under age 1. Thankfully with this stage often times the cancer can be closely watched. Joshua has been closely watched with many scans, needle sticks and urine tests but has had no chemotherapy or radiation or additional surgery and the tumor continues to shrink. Joshua is now about to turn 2 years...
London Bishop
Scrapes and bruises are a common part of childhood, but when then 5-year-old London Bishop got a black eye that wouldn’t heal, her mother, April, knew something was wrong.
Jackson Black
Two days after Deja Black gave birth to son Jackson in June 2013, doctors diagnosed the newborn with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) – a congenital heart defect in which the left side of the heart (the part that pumps oxygenated blood to the rest of the body) is underdeveloped.
Kailyn Black
Kailyn's mom, Courtney, found a small ridge on the back of her daughter’s skull and asked her pediatrician about it at Kailyn's two week check up. The doctors told her it was nothing to worry about. Finally, at Kailyn's four month visit, the doctor told Courtney if she would feel better he would refer her to Children's Hospital. He said that it could possibly be craniosynostosis, but it was probably just from lying her on her back too often. When Kailyn was four months old, she made her first trip to Children's of Alabama. Kailyn was almost automatically diagnosed by the doctors at Children's. X-rays confirmed that Kailyn had Lambdoid Craniosynostosis. Four long months later, Kailyn would have surgery to correct the bone structure in her skull. Her surgery lasted about five hours. Kailyn’s surgery was successful and she was even trying to...
Rachel Blackerby
Rachel Blackerby was born in 1998, a perfectly healthy looking, beautiful newborn baby. She had a strange mark, a lack of pigmentation, around her left ear and jawline. Over the next couple weeks this strange mark swelled into a purple/red tumor that appeared to spread with each passing day. It was a compound hemangioma, a rare version, that threatened to cover her entire face. The hemangioma not only swelled on the surface of her face, but was deeply embedded under the surface as well.
Justin Blackmon
My son Justin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was 8 years old (2005). He had a large lump on his neck. We brought him to our family doctor and he thought Justin just had swollen glands from a sore throat since he had no other symptoms. This went on for about three months. When the lump didn’t go away he sent us to a pediatrician about an hour away from where we live. They did blood tests and diagnosed him with chronic anemia because his blood counts were low. We went back to the pediatrician for a follow up about a month later and he still had the lump but it was bigger, he was having unexplained fevers and night sweats. The pediatrician brought a colleague in and they decided to send him to Children’s Hospital just to make sure there wasn’t something going on that they weren’t...
Gage and Brook Blakely
The Blakely Journey
Tiffany Starr Blakely
The Children’s Hospital was like my home in the first years of my life.
Grace Anne Blankenship
Grace Anne was born almost 2 months premature due to pregnancy induced pre-eclampsia. She was progressing fine in the NICU in Huntsville Alabama. When she went for her first pediatrician's appointment, after finally coming home at one month old, her pediatrician discovered she had a severe brain bleed. He then set her up with an appointment with Dr. Jerry Oakes. He scheduled surgery for the next morning. He implanted a subgaleal shunt to draw the blood clot off of her brain. At eleven months old, she had a second shunt put in. When Grace was 18 months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She learned to walk, falling every ten steps or so by age 2. When Grace was 4 years old, Dr. Oakes recomended she be evaluated for a surgery called rhyzotomy. This procedure is preformed on the spinal cord clipping nerves that cause spastisty to the legs....
Gabrielle Bolden
What does an 8-year-old do with a new heart? Gabrielle “Gabby” Bolden of Birmingham uses hers to tirelessly ride her bike, roller skate – and plan a long-awaited trip to Legoland.
Jayden Booker
For the first two months of her son’s life, Shereka Softley was unaware that Jayden’s tiny heart was anything but perfect. So in February of 2012, when he became ill with pneumonia, the Tuscumbia mother assumed doctors would treat him, and life would return to normal. But that was not to be. “They couldn’t figure out why he was breathing so fast,” Softley says.
Landon Boothe
My son Landon Tyler Boothe was born on June 27, 2007, at UAB Hospital. He was taken by C-section at 39 weeks due to several birth defects that we knew that he had. The doctors told me at 21 weeks after an amnio that he had less than a 10 percent chance of survival after birth, and gave me the option to abort. Of course I refused and put it in God's hands. He was born with an Omphalocele, which exposed his liver and intestines, a diaphragmatic hernia, and multiple heart defects that were called Tetralogy of Fallot-consisting of four heart defects. The evening after his birth he was immediately transported to Children's Hospital in Birmingham to be evaluated for surgery by Drs. Georgeson and Barnhardt to repair the opening in his abdomen and begin the process of putting his organs back in and also repair his diaphragm. His first...
Bobby Bowden
Sickened with rheumatic fever at age 13, Bobby Bowden, the beloved, long-time coach of the Florida State Seminoles, spent a year in bed recovering. True to the custom of the era, young Bobby was treated at home during house calls made by Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Mehaffy. Coach Bowden says his parents took comfort in knowing Children’s Hospital was there for their son if he ever needed hospitalization.
Birdie Bower
It was, literally, a first of its kind graduation for the state of Alabama.
Tucker Bradford
I was induced on August 25, 2005 at 6am. By 4pm that afternoon and 3 1/2 hrs of pushing the Dr. suggests forceps. After a lot of questions and against my better judgment I agreed. This attempt was short lived and I was rushed to the OR for a C-section. Finally he was here, and taken to the NICU. I wasn't allowed much time with him that night and when he was brought to me the next day he was began to have a seizure. Again he was rushed away. He was taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, and diagnosed with a Subdural and Epidural Hematoma. Those were scary words for my husband and I but the next two words were the worst...."brain surgery". Over the next couple of days he seemed to stop loosing blood and the Hematomas were healing on there own. During the whole ordeal...
Caleb Brady
My beautiful son, Joseph Caleb Brady was born on a beautiful day in September in the year 1999. The 2nd day of the month, in fact. It is a day I will never forget. His father was actually in Bradford for drug rehab and I was there for the family weekend when to my surprise, my water broke, at 38 weeks. I was terrified. Being from Montgomery, I was 80 plus miles from home and on top of that, my water, when it broke was discolored. Come to find out, my little man had a bowel movement inside of me. Well, I was rushed to Baptist Montclair in the back of an ambulance. Not fun being big around as a barrel and lying on this stretcher that is maybe 3 feet wide. Well, after arriving at the hospital at 8 am and laboring all day and not dilating anymore than...
Robyn Tillis Brandt
When I was born at the medical center in Dothan, Alabama everything appeared to be perfectly normal. It was not until the nurses were giving me my first bath that they discovered that I had soft cleft palate and I stopped breathing. I was then intubated and flown to Children’s Hospital.
Ben Brewbaker
When my mom found out she was going to have a fourth boy from an ultra-sound she was a little less than enthusiastic at first. A conference with her doctor quickly changed her mind and heart, when she was told that the little baby she was carrying would probably be born with spina bifida.
Samuel Brewer
What started out as simple problems with his right leg and knee, Samuel Brewer was later diagnosed at Children’s Hospital with a slipped epiphysis; a hip disorder that is common in adolescents.
Emilee Broadway
My baby girl was born on August 19, 1993 and it was supposed to be the most exciting day, but it turned into the most scary day. I thought my baby girl was not going to make it. It took awhile for anybody to know what she had; they had never seen anything like it. She was born at Athens Limestone Hospital and then sent to Children's Hospital. As soon as my doctor released me, I was on my way to be with her. She was four days old when her little body had to go through and eight hour surgery! Dr. Pain removed the tumor, Dr. Joseph was there to help put her little organs back where they belonged. Soon after the surgery we found out that the tumor was malignant and she needed chemo. Dr. Hilliard has been with us since day one! Three months of chemo was...
Caleb Brooks
Ernestine Wagner of Marion, Ala. knew something was wrong with her then 2-year-old son Caleb Brooks. He wasn’t eating and was beginning to lose weight. She took him to the nearest pediatric clinic 30 miles away in Selma, but doctors assured her that Caleb was healthy and his disinterest in food would soon pass.
Kara Rasberry Brooks
As a seven year old child I was transferred to Children's Hospital after experiencing weeks of painful stomach cramps in the summer of 1989. The local hospital in my town could not determine the source of my discomfort. However, the staff at Children's immediately found the source of my pain and planned for surgery. A few days after admittance, Dr. Crane removed my gallbladder after several gallstones were found. I remember worrying relentlessly about the pain that I would endure after the surgery, yet the staff kindly diverted my attention elsewhere. The kindness and thoroughness of the staff was exceptional! What stands out about my experience at Children's was the one time the staff spent with me trying to lift my spirits and allowing me to be a child through art, crafts, and coloring. Interestingly enough I am now 28 years old and employed as a counselor who attempts to...
Jacob Browder
Like many teenage boys in the smaller towns of Alabama, Jacob Browder’s life was filled with friends, school, football -- and the rodeo. “He has always been a cowboy,” his mother, Susan, said. “He has always had a heart for rodeo.”
Kailin Lana Lacey Brown
Two years ago my husband and I found out we were going to have our third child. I had gone for a routine check-up at my doctor's office. After an unusually long ultrasound I was waiting in the exam room for my doctor to come in. When he came in he told me that the ultrasound had showed that my baby had too much fluid on her brain. I was shocked, and upset to say the least. I was sent to Birmingham to the Kirklin Clinic where the doctor there said the same thing. I had to continue seeing both my doctor’s. My regular doctor in Alexander City and the doctor at the Kirklin Clinic. On November 27, 2006 my Lana Bell came into this world by c-section. She had to be put the NICU unit at UAB until she was transported to Children's Hospital to the NICU unit there,...
Kara Nicole Brown
I am from Southeast Alabama, and was sent to UAB to deliver my baby that was coming two months early. I had her at UAB, and she was taken over to Children's Hospital soon after. My daughter was born the day I turned 7 months. She weighed 3 lbs. 1 oz. She actually dropped down to 2 lbs. 14 oz. I had to leave her at Children's Hospital and go home to Dothan, which is where I was living at the time. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. When I was able to come back to visit her, I learned that she was cared for just as if the staff were her parents. I'll never forget seeing her in a beautiful, new outfit that one of the nurses bought her, and even combed her hair. She bought a stuffed bear for her that was bigger than...
Keionha Brown
Keionha Brown has been a Child of Children’s Hospital since she was two months old. Her mother, Candy, will never forget what it felt like that day in the car. Little Keionha began to vomit – not just spit up like babies do – and then her eyes rolled back and her tiny body went limp. Candy was terrified.
Miles Brown
Like most little boys his age, Miles Brown loves to be outdoors playing soccer and football and battling imaginary ninjas. But just a couple of years ago, his activities were greatly limited by juvenile idiopathic arthritis. He lived with constant pain so great that it affected his mobility. On the worst days, he had to use a wheelchair.
Randy Brown
By Kristine Gresh
Rebekah and Sarah Brown
In May 2014 sisters Sarah and Rebekah Brown suffered traumatic brain injuries in an automobile accident in Huntsville, AL. Nine-year-old Sarah was immediately airlifted to Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham, while 7-year-old Rebekah remained in Huntsville until doctors there felt she could be transported.
Hannah, Dee and Heaven Brundidge
Holley Brundidge is the proud mother of five. Having five kids is a miracle and a challenge all rolled into one, but her journey of miracles and challenges have been one that many of us can only imagine. Three of her five kids have had major health experiences at Children’s Hospital.
Olivia Grace Burkhalter
Olivia was born on June 20, 2012 and began to have seizures when she was 5 weeks old. She was transported to Children's Hospital and had a five-day hospitalization. She was put on seizure medications and it soon became apparent that she was developmentally delayed. She has now been diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy. She is a wonderfully happy and pleasant baby. At almost 9 months, she is now attempting to sit up. She receives therapy at home and progress can be seen. We ask for your prayers that she will continue to improve.
Lenzie Nicole Butland
On New Year's Eve 2004 our baby girl, Lenzie, woke up and couldn't do anything. She was limp and her little body was shaking. She couldn't sit up, crawl, stand, walk or talk—all things that she once could do. Lenzie was a healthy one year old little girl until New Year's Eve. My husband and I rushed Lenzie to the local ER that morning. They called in a Pediatric Neurologist to examine Lenzie. They also performed a CT scan and gave her fluids through an IV. The Neurologist diagnosed Lenzie with Acute Cerebellar Ataxia. He pretty much said there was nothing we could do and Lenzie would eventually get better. It could take a few weeks, months or a year. My husband and I were not pleased. I knew that something was terribly wrong and I didn't except that this was what was wrong with our daughter and nothing could...
Brayden Butler
For the Butler family, life changed in a moment. Eight-year-old Brayden was training in hopes of reaching the amateur national motocross championship. He needed just one more race to clinch a second place finish in the Alabama State Championship Series. “We were at the track for a practice day,” explains his mother, Christie. “It wasn’t a big deal. He was working on a jump he had done before.”
Mary Evelyn Butler
Mary Evelyn Butler was born on June 16, 2007 and is fourteen months old now. She is a good-natured, happy baby. She has brought us so much joy. When she was eight months old we noticed a large growth forming under the skin on her back. Mary Evelyn endured a series of tests before the doctors finally diagnosed her as having Infantile Fibromatosis. It is a benign tumor that has infected the latissimus dorsi muscle on her back. It is growing and the doctors want to stop the progression and ultimately shrink it. The tumor can be life threatening if it is not stopped. Because the tumor is very involved in the muscle tissue, it would be impossible to remove it without removing the whole muscle. Therefore, Mary Evelyn will have to undergo chemotherapy. We will be taking her to Children's Hospital once a week for the next six months...
Zach Byars
When Zach Byars was admitted to Children’s of Alabama as a newborn, he found much more than just physical healing. He also found his forever family.
Jacob Byrd
The Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast was dessimated after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 leaving many medical care providers stretched thin to cover the coast from Mississippi to Florida. Jacob had become noticeably ill with weight loss, bruising, fever, chills, and often, pain. We waited three months in our hometown to see a doctor only to find out that we did not have the "referral" we needed while sitting in the specialist's office that day. Our pediatrician sent Jacob to see Dr. Stephen King and Carey Cavendar in Birmingham and subsequently underwent immediate diagnostic care for leukemia, surgery and treatment at Children's Hospital. A delay in his care could have been a matter of life and death if not for these caring physicians and staff and the proper referrals to get him the care he required. Jacob underwent 83 chemo treatments, surgery, and ongoing infusion...
Auston Cagle
With his blonde hair, big smile and energetic personality, Auston Cagle appeared to be a thriving 6-year-old in January 2010.
Charles Campbell
My name is Charles Campbell I am 34 years old. I was diagnosed with Rye Syndrome in 1985 at Riverview Regional Hospital. I stayed in the Emergency room for nine hours. I was 12 years old. In 1985 I was transferred to Children’s Hospital. My mother told me it was very cold that day. The wind was blowing hard; the ambulance could hardly stay on the road. She also said that was the longest ride she had ever been on, from Gadsden, AL to Birmingham, AL.
Anna Carroll
On July 11, 2005, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Anna. My husband said the first thing he did while holding her was count all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. Life was perfect until one checkup when Anna was 4 months old. Her pediatrician noticed that her head had not rounded out and was still pointed at the top. Later that day, we discovered it was caused by her soft spots fusing together much too soon. It was determined that Anna had Craniosynostosis. She was immediately referred to Children’s in Birmingham, Ala. We met with Dr. Grant, Dr. Blount and their staff at Anna’s first appointment. We were nervous parents, but they did everything to make us feel calm, and they assured us that our baby girl was in safe hands. Indeed, she was.
Julie Grace Carroll
At just 4 years old, Julie Grace Carroll of Pell City has gathered an army of supporters. Julie’s Army of Hope is the name Julie’s parents, David and Melanie, have coined for the family, friends and community members who have rallied after learning of Julie’s diagnosis with Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes problems in brain function, especially those responsible for cognitive, sensory, emotional, motor and autonomic functions.
Robert Jaxon Carroll
Jaxon was born on May 6, 2010. At his 1 week old checkup, it was determined that he had Sagittal Craniosynostosis. This was discovered so quickly because his big sister, Anna, had the same thing.
Richlyn Carter
Sometimes, parents’ intuition knows best. That was certainly the case for Clay and Starr Carter, and their daughter, Richlyn. One night when Richlyn was 6 weeks old, she began crying while in bed and fell ill.
Dalton Causey
Dalton was a healthy little 4-year-old we thought!! On December 13th 2005 we noticed that he had a swollen spot on the left side of his jaw. So I took him to the dentist as soon as I could get in which was the following Monday and he said that Dalton had two teeth that were abscessed and needed to come out. He went home on 10 days of antibiotics. Well it was time for them to end and Dalton's jaw kept getting bigger and bigger so I called back to the dentist office and they just wanted to call him in some more antibiotics and that’s when I got a little aggravated and said if 10 days hasn't worked why would 17? So I said no we are not doing that, we will take him to our family doctor. So, we did and he said “OH MY...
Peri Chapman
On May 3, 2007, I played in one of my softball games making a double play to end the game. The next day, I was scheduled to have a cat scan because I was having really bad headaches. Dr. Ramsey, at Dothan Pediatrics, ordered the test at Flowers Hospital just to make sure nothing was wrong. The test was at 11:30 a.m. and by 8:30 p.m. that night of May 4, 2007 my mama, my Aunt and me were checking into Children's Hospital. I had been diagnosed with a Craniopharyngioma, a type of brain tumor very common in children. It was partially removed on May 8, 2007 along with my pituitary gland. I was scared but my family and my faith in God saw me through this time in my life. I would like to thank everyone at Children’s and my family and friends for everything they have done for...
Sadie Chapman
As with any new parents, Gary and Bernadette Chapman of Birmingham were overjoyed when they welcomed their baby girl, Sadie, into the world. What they never expected was just how much their lives would change again just nine days later.
Jackson Chard
On Friday, September 13, 2002 our son Jackson, 16 months old, pulled a crock pot off the counter top in our kitchen, spilling hot liquid on his tiny body. Luckily we lived only blocks from Children's Hospital at the time, and he was rushed there. Within an hour of the accident, he was in the Children's Burn Unit undergoing hydro-therapy. It was determined that he had deep and superficial second degree burns on 22% of his body. Dr. Hardin told us to expect him to be at Children's for at least 22 days. But Jackson was a super healthy toddler prior to the accident and was a very cooperative little patient. He ate very well in the hospital to get the huge amount of calories needed to heal burns, and after only three days Dr. Hardin told us we could take him home. We were instructed on the complicated dressing...
Omari Chatman
In 2011, six-year-old Omari Chatman and his father were driving from their home in Midfield to Children’s of Alabama several times a week in order for Omari to receive hemodialysis at the hospital’s Pediatric Nephrology Division. Omari had been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a condition that can cause high levels of protein to be secreted into urine when the kidneys’ ability to filter blood is damaged.
Christopher Cherry
As parents of two normal, healthy teenagers, we never expected to ever see the inside of Children's Hospital. However, our son, Christopher, was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 14. When he was 17, it was decided he needed a spinal fusion and the insertion of two metal rods to correct the curvature of his spine. All this would be done at Children's Hospital. Needless to say, we were all a bit nervous. But the morning of his procedure, the staff and everyone that was to be a part in the operating room came in and talked to us and explained everything and made sure we understood. We were free to ask questions if anything was unclear. They were very assuring and compassionate. The procedure went well and Chris went from the recovery room to spend 24 hours in the Intensive Care Unit where the nurses were amazing. After our time...
Danielle Chestnut
Hi. My name is Danielle Chestnut and I'm 16 years old. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 11. The day they told me that I had cancer was November 4th of 2006. It was a huge shock to me, my friends, and my family. I stayed in the hospital for over 3 weeks. There are so many nice nurses and amazing doctors there. I want to thank all of the doctors and nurses that helped me through all of this. I do not know if I could have done it without you. Thank you for letting me sharing my story (:
Lane Clark
Thirteen- year- old Lane Clark had a typical childhood. A fun-loving, active kid, he kept the Clark family on the go as a three sport athlete from Jasper. But everything changed two days before Lane’s 14th birthday. Lane had been experiencing what his mother thought was a sinus infection and shortness of breath. He ended up in the Emergency Department of Children’s of Alabama and quickly learned that he had a mass in his chest.
Mary Myers Clarke
Miracles happen every day. For Will and Ashley Clarke, they see a miracle every time they look at their daughter, Mary Myers. After Mary Myers experienced two cardiac arrests, doctors weren’t sure she would make it. In fact, her family was told to prepare for the worst.
Ella Marie, Isabella and Sophia Clayton
Phillip Andrew Clements
Andrew started getting sick at the age of five weeks. He had pneumonia five times. He has 19 surgeries. Surgeries include ear drum replacement on both ears, tonsils and adnoids removed, five port placements/removals, along with many more. Andrew still doesn't complain. His fevers have been as high as 105.7 for days. He has had ruptured ear drums, stayed at Children's for sometimes a month at a time; still never complaining. He gets an IV every 28 days (for his immune system) to help him stay as well as possible. He is now 15 and never complains.
Michael Adams Cohan
By Shelby Cohan
Carol Colburn
Cashi Colley
Cashi was 12 years old when his mother along with him and his two brothers were involved in a near fatal car accident. His brothers, Raymond and Johnathan were airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Alabama. Cashi was not airlifted because he was older. Hoowever, he was later transported to Children’s. Cashi had an operation on his spine to repair the damage. He was diagnosed with complete paralysis. He has been in PT for 3 1/2 years now. Today he can walk with a cane. He is slow but it is a miracle how far he has come. While his mother was injured the staff at Children’s took on these three boys as their own. They went way beyond their duties. Cashi's favorite nurse was Mrs. Brenda. Raymond and Johnathan loved Ms. Molly. I am sure there were others but these are the names I constantly heard from the boys....
Johnathan Colley
Johnathan’s Mom remembers: On May 18, 2006 my entire family was involved in a near fatal car accident. Johnathan was thrown from the vehicle. His little body was broken and his face had to be repaired because the laceration to the left side was so deep. Doctor's had to operate inside his head. When he was finally released from Children’s Hospital, which was around the end of June, he was on a feeding tube. Johnathan couldn't talk, walk or even hold himself up and he had no control of his bowel. It was an emotional time. When he began PT from home my faith was weak but I still prayed. I was released from Baptist Hospital in Montgomery the second week of July. I would just look at my child and sob. I would constantly think, would he ever get out of this hospital bed. When PT started it was...
Lance Cook
June, 2007. School was out and summer fun had just begun when 15-year-old Lance Cook fell ill. First diagnosed with a sinus infection, Lance grew sicker and sicker. Within days, the big, strong, healthy Ashford High School student lost control of his lower body and the ability to walk. His parents took him to the emergency room of the local hospital, where physicians immediately prepared him for transport to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.
Elijah Cooper
Tim and Tara Cooper of Hattiesburg, Mississippi flew more than 7,000 miles across the world to China to adopt their son, Elijah Li. Also parents to two young biological children, the Coopers initially expressed interest in foster care, but after attending a Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in Los Angeles, California, the couple had a change of heart.
Harmony Cooper
Doctors suspected Harmony Cooper had sickle cell disease when she was just days old. For first-time mother Briona Leonard, the prospect was both unnerving and intimidating.
Deason Cornelius
Hannah Cornelius of Springville always knew her only child, Deason, was going to be okay – even when the 3-year-old’s failing liver placed him at #1 on the National Transplant Registry.
Parker Crawford
Parker Crawford of Sylacauga has shown himself to be a fighter every day since he was born in May 1999. Prenatal testing revealed some abnormalities in his facial structure so his mother, Lisa, was not surprised when Parker was transferred to the Children’s of Alabama Neonatal Intensive Care Unit just two days after being born by emergency Caesarean section at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Jamoson Max Crews
Max was born on March 31, 2006, at UAB, 12 weeks earlier than expected. He weighed 1 lb. 15 oz. He stayed in the hospital for 91 days, six of those days on a ventilator. After being released from UAB, we returned to Birmingham two weeks later for hernia repair surgery at Children's. I was a little nervous about having him put to sleep. He was only a little over five pounds. Dr. Saito was great. The surgery went fine, and you can barely see a scar now. He was also under Dr. David Lazono's care until Dec. 2006 because of BPD, which was due in part to being on a ventilator. Dr. Lazono and his staff were great. Thankfully we no longer need the services of Children's. Max is now 19 months old and is in perfect health. He has shown no signs of asthma. Thanks, Children's Hospital!...
Lofton Crouse
Thirteen-year-old Lofton Crouse and his family love to fish. They also love Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham, so it was a natural fit for the Orange Beach teen who was the face of the Reel Hope Classic fishing tournament benefitting patients at the Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s.
David Crow
David's Story
Susan Benson Crow
Susan Benson Crow was just three years old when her parents received devastating news Susan had liver cancer.
Courtney Culley
Courtney is a brave young lady. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was three years old. We were sent to Children’s at that time and are still using them today. Courtney had been doing really well until 2005 when we found out her tumor had tripled in size and needed to be removed. Where Courtney’s tumor is located they are not able to remove it all. They can only get what grows outside the brain stem. We had to return in August of that year to have another surgery and again in 2008. We have just come home from her third surgery. This time Courtney will have to undergo chemo or radiation that will have to be done in Birmingham. Her doctor and nurse, Mrs. Nadine Bradley, are super and are always their when we need them. Courtney is recovering from surgery at home...
Merrill Ann Culverhouse
Miss Alabama Outstanding Teen participant Merrill Ann Culverhouse has been an advocate for Children’s of Alabama for years. It’s one of her passions. She’s worked to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and was named a CMN Miracle Maker Award Winner just a couple of years ago for raising the most money for CMN. “I have such a strong passion and commitment to Children’s,” Merrill Ann says. “They do so much for so many children and so many families.”
Breanna Daniels
Breanna was born on July 28, 1993. She immediately quit breathing and had to be put on a respirator. After about an hour, we were told that she would have to go to Children's Hospital. After a few slight problems with the jet because of weather, she finally flew to Birmingham. This is when we found out she had persistent fetal circulation. Because of her breathing problems, we could not hold her until she was twelve days old. We stayed in ICU for three and a half weeks, and then in a room for one and a half weeks. The doctors, nurses, and all of the staff were wonderful. If it were not for God guiding their hands, Breanna would not be alive. She has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy, but is not limited on any activities. She is now 14 years old. We still see Dr. Killian for...
Jonadya Daniels
Tazzi Carter has seen her share of challenges, but she never guessed when she delivered her daughter Jonadya Daniels that anything could go wrong. That’s when she noticed something strange with her daughter’s right arm. Even as a newborn, she held the arm close to her body with little range of motion. It didn’t improve over the weeks and months.
Kruz and Paizlee Davenport
Kruz Davenport was destined to be strong. His mother Jessica knew he was a fighter from the moment he was born.
Christopher Davis
Christopher was born September 12, 1992 at a local hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. Three months later, thanks to a local physician named Bob Beshear, he was rushed to Children's Hospital in Birmingham with malnutrition and an enlarged liver. Unknown to us, Christopher was suffering from a chronic lung disease known as Cystic Fibrosis which is due to a glue-like substance in the lungs that causes lung problems, gastro problems, and major sinus problems. Dr. Lyrene and Sandy Mann were the first two people we saw. I will never forget asking Sandy "Is he going to die?" Sandy replied calmly, "Yes." We were told shortly afterwards that we would only have Chris in our lives for 17 years.
Gabryella Davis
On July 30, 2012 Gabryella & her twin Izabella were born prematurely at 32.4 weeks gestation. Bella needed oxygen and monitoring. Gabby seemed fine until we noticed she hadn't pooped. So at two days old, she left her sister to go to Children’s where they found a plug/blockage in her small intestine. At one week old, Gabby had an ileostomy done. Over the course of the next few months she would grow. At two months old, her sister left to go home. At 3 months old we were told Gabby could go home, but then her surgeon said she was having too much output from the ileostomy. So at 4 months old, she had a second surgery to do the take and reconnect. She is currently still at Children’s and has reached 6 pounds. We are praying to be home for Christmas!
King Davis
When Lanitra Johnson looks at her young son King Davis, she doesn’t see a sick child. She sees a happy baby who doesn’t let his illness hold him back.
Tyler Davis
Mention baseball and the thrill of “turning two” to Tyler Davis and you’ll get a big, beautiful smile in return. The Greene County High School rising senior covers second base for the Tigers, plays video games and loves his German shepherds, Django and Lady. And he has sickle cell disease.
Halee Deal
On Thanksgiving Day 2011, our 8 year old daughter was involved in a serious ATV accident. She was unresponsive when we found her and our Crew Cab Polaris Ranger was on top of her. Halee was airlifted to a Dothan, Alabama hospital, and then airlifted to Children's Hospital. Once arriving at Children's, we were hit with a parent's worst nightmare. We were told our little girl might not make it through the night. Halee was on a ventilator, had 2 chest tubes, and multiple ivs. She had 6 broken ribs, a lacerated liver, both lungs severly bruised and one lung had collapsed. Her pelvis was broken in two places and she had a fracture in her face. There were more bruises, scrapes and "road burn" than I could name. Once we were allowed to go back to PICU, we were heartbroken to...
Katlyn Dean
Heather Dean didn’t worry too much last winter when the junior high school sent a letter home informing her that a routine screening at the school showed her daughter Katlyn may have scoliosis and needed to see a doctor. Their doctor referred them to Children’s of Alabama, where they got their first dose of reality.
Coltyn Dearen
Coltyn's Mom remembers. While I was in my last month of pregnancy with my son the ultra sound tech noticed his bladder was enlarged. As you could imagine that I was scared because this was my first baby. Coltyn's pediatrician recommended we see Dr. Joseph at Children's, so off we went when he was 1 month old. While there they catherdrized my son, which was awful, and diagnosed him with a stage 5 Vesiocouteral Reflux (reflux between the kidney and the bladder). The doctor tells me my child will need to stay on antibiotics and possibly have surgery. All of this happened when my little boy was 18 months old and he had his ureters reimplanted into his bladder. While my son has had no serious complications from his diagnosis it has been a scary situation. While worried about my son and entering those doors for the first time at...
Lauren DeMarco
Sometimes one unexpected event can lead to a series of surprises. That was the case for then 9-year-old Lauren DeMarco, who was thrilled to see snow for the first time in her hometown of Mobile. But nature’s surprise came with an unforeseen twist. “When I walked outside my hands turned bright purple,” said Lauren, now 16. “They started hurting and went numb. I didn’t know what was going on or what to do.”
Mickelluh Denis
Mickelluh has always shown signs of being sick in some sort of way. And when I, as his mom, was diagnosed with FAP when he was 5 months old, began worrying that he also had the same disease. My husband and I tried for six years to get someone to listen to us that Micke may possibly also be inflicted with FAP, but NO ONE would listen to us. He's too young everyone always told us, until we went to Children’s Hospital and finally someone did listen to us. That doctor was Dr. Saeed! He arranged for Micke to have a colonoscopy, and sure enough, our baby had polyps and those polyps had signs of adenomas. He then sent us to Dr. Barnhart who agreed that our son was going to need surgery and scheduled it for July 5, 2007. We went through months of complications but finally came...
Mackenzie Diveley
Mackenzie Diveley was born with a badly broken heart.
Kelsey Dollar
On Christmas day, 1995 my daughter Kelsey, at the age of 16 months, had the first of many seizures, with no warning whatsoever. Over the next several years, we went through a number of tests and in the end were the first client to undergo surgery for Epilepsy at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. It took a couple of procedures to finally remove excessive tissue, but thanks to what we think are the greatest physicians and nurses in the world, Kelsey has been seizure free for almost a year now. Kelsey had gotten to where she was having seizures on a weekly basis, so indeed, we feel that she is indeed a walking miracle!! We can never thank Children's Hospital enough for the professional services they have provided. We have made many friends and are always willing to do all that we can for the Children's Hospital!!
Matthew Downer
Ask Matthew Downer to show you his senior ring with the big blue stone and a grin flashes across his face. The Fort Payne High School graduate was tapped for membership in the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society, was named Citizen of the year by the local Kiwanis Club, worked at a local restaurant part-time, rebuilt the motor of his ’94 Chevy pickup in his spare time – and has battled brain cancer since 2009.
Ingram Duggar
As a former member of the nursing staff at the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UAB, I thought I new everything about having a new baby. However, when Ingram was 13 days old she felt warm and indeed she had temperature. We took her to the children's ED and we were told our newborn baby had meningitis. Crushed, I found faith I never had. After 48 hours we were told it was viral and we were discharged. At 6-8 weeks old she became sick again, and after hospitalization we were told our child had vesicoureteral reflux. After 6 months of endurance with a wonderful relationship with Dr.Richard Stone, Ingram underwent re-implantation of her ureters. When our child went to the operating room with my college roomate, whom happen to be a nurse at the TCH, I realized I could not control everything, and our God was indeed in control...
Bryce Duke
Bryce was diagnosed with a subglottic hemangioma at 9 weeks old after his breathing became very labored. Dr. Woolley performed 11 CO2 laser surgeries, one LTR surgery (to remove the hemangioma in Bryce’s airway and make his airway larger using cartilage from his ear) and one plastic surgery to remove the hemangioma from Bryce's lip. We lived in Montgomery at the time and never once minded or complained about the drive to Birmingham. Dr. Woolley and his staff and the rest of the hospital staff were amazing to us during those two years. Children's became a home away from home for us.
Salem Dutton
For about four weeks, our eight year old daughter Salem had been having a series of unexplained fevers that would go as quickly as they came. It was like taking your car to the mechanic for repairs and the mechanic not being able to find a problem because the car was running fine. Nothing would show up when we carried Salem to her pediatrician, who did a complete set of blood tests (more than once). Salem's dad brought her home from softball practice early on Thursday before Good Friday in 2004. Salem had become frustrated at practice and exclaimed, "I can't see the ball!". Between school work and it being close to Easter, we thought she was just overly tired. Her dad and I discussed it that night and decided it would be a good idea to make an appointment to have her eyes checked, "just to be safe". On...
Sawyer Dykman
Sawyer Dykman recently celebrated his third birthday, a milestone made possible by the kidney transplant he received when he was 16 months old. During a routine sonogram to determine the sex of their baby, Sawyer’s parents Ashley and Matt Dykman, discovered that their son showed symptoms of Prune Belly Syndrome.
Rylee East
Allison East was 24 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound showed her baby had an alarming defect. Her heart was on the right side of her body. Tests later showed she had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), a hole in the diaphragm (the muscle under the lungs used for breathing), that allows organs from the abdomen to move into the chest. It is a life-threatening condition that is often treated with surgery.
Janice Marie Edwards
In 1960 when I was seven months old I was diagnosed with polio. In 1968 I came to Birmingham to Children’s Hospital and had a muscle transplant. I also got to have my picture in the newspaper. I had to undergo several months of physical therapy; my parents couldn’t afford to go back and forth so I had to stay at the hospital. I got an award for helping out with others while I stayed there. You couldn’t have asked for nicer people. My heart and thanks go out to them.
Stephanie Eiland
Hello, I'm Stephanie Eiland. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis the summer before I was to start 4th grade. My parents noticed that when I walked one of my shoulders was noticeably shorter than the other one and were a bit concerned. So, they carried me to my local doctor, where he took X-rays and told me I had a right degree curve in my back, and he would just check up on it every couple of months. My parents felt something was still wrong. My mother got on the computer and started looking up doctors and facts about Scoliosis. She found Dr. Killian at Children's Hospital and we immediately made an appointment to see him. Dr. Killian had me have an MRI which showed him my curve was not a right degree curve, but a left degree curve. Dr. Killian referred us to Dr. Oakes soon after. Dr. Oakes informed...
Robbie Elam
My name is Bill Elam, and I would like to tell you about my little superhero named Robbie. He was born September 2007 in Bay Minette, Ala. through a very traumatic birth. After being resuscitated twice he was transferred to USA Children's and Women's Hospital in Mobile, Ala. After spending eight weeks in the NICU, he was able to come home to his family.
Shirley Engle
Shirley Engle
Avery Ernsberger
Avery Ernsberger was born December 14, 2002. His mom, Deanna, was overjoyed, to say the least; however, she noticed that Avery spit up a lot. She knew babies spit up, but Avery was different. His was extreme. “I could tell something wasn’t right. I was afraid he would choke in his sleep.”
Estes Quadruplets Estes
Mike and Paula Estes of Abernant had always dreamed of having a large family. They started with Phillip, now age 3, and soon discovered they would need some help in providing him with a sibling. Paula’s doctor prescribed a very small dosage of the fertility drug, Clomid, and she soon became pregnant. Early in her pregnancy, she thought she might be miscarrying. That’s when a sonogram revealed she was going to have quintuplets.
Grayson Ethridge
On Dec. 29, 2012, our world changed as our precious little bundle of joy, Grayson, was born healthy as can be. All my prenatal checkups went great, and all of the postnatal checkups were great as well! We were getting ready to go home a few days later and our world was flipped upside down as our little boy was having respiratory issues and had to be transported by ambulance to Baptist South NICU in Montgomery, Ala.
Coy Face
Coy Face is a first grader from Trinity, Alabama, a small community near Decatur. Coy was just three years old when his mom, April, discovered the lump in his side. It was a Saturday morning, October 15, 2005. The pediatrician told April to bring Coy in on Monday. They were immediately sent to a local hospital, where a surgeon told them he was “pretty sure” that Coy had Wilm’s tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children.
Syble Farr
Syble Farr
Lloyd Finks
Lloyd Finks Story
John Fisher
John Fisher’s first memory is of going to Colbert County Hospital when he was just two years old. It was 1930. His mother was making an extraordinary effort to seek help for John’s talipes condition.
Sladen Fisher
Sometimes a visit to the hospital is about more than treating an injury or illness. It’s also about making the patient feel safe, comfortable and secure. When Jennifer Fisher brought her son, Sladen, to Children’s of Alabama for an injury he suffered at school, she knew the emergency room visit would be stressful on him. Sladen has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sensory processing disorder (SPD).
Nicholas Fiveash
Nicholas Fiveash is one of the Fiveash triplets born three months premature. All three babies required world class medical care, unfortunately Nicholas needed it most. On April 25th, 2001 Nicholas, Jacob, and Hannah Fiveash were welcomed into the world. Nicholas weighing just one pound fifteen ounces suffered a brain bleed on his second day of life. On May 17th, Nicholas started having problems with his bowel and was transferred to Children's Hospital where he underwent surgery. Four days later the attending physician informed our family that Nicholas was on 100% of oxygen and that there was nothing more they could do to help him survive, so we went ahead and baptized him and about a half hour later the doctor came and told our family that Nicholas had made a turn around, and that it was truly a miracle, but our joy was short lived. Within a week Nicholas suffered...
Kathryn Grace Fleming
Kathryn was born on June 8, 2007, at UAB at 32 weeks. We were transferred to Children’s on August 9, 2007. Katy had exposed brain at the back of her head, a cleft pallet and many other anomalies. Her first surgery was preformed in August of 2007 to remove the brain matter. She was trached at two months of age, and when she was 22 months old, Dr. Hill preformed a surgery where he took part of her rib to repair her larynx and trachea. Katy has had many surgeries, MRIs and CTs. After a long stay at Children’s, she was able to come home in late November of 2007. She still has a feeding tube and is hearing impaired with aids, but she is doing great. Thanks to all of the doctors and nurses at Children’s who always made us feel like we were important and special, Katy is...
Mary Kathryn Fletcher
Most teens enjoy beach trips, outdoor activities and sleeping late during summer break, but for Mary Kathryn Fletcher, a 14 year old of Oak Mountain High School, the summer before she entered high school was memorable in a much different way. Her summer held an experience that many of her classmates will not deal with for years to come. In early July 2007 Mary Kathryn, “MK” to her family, developed symptoms her parents thought was mononucleosis. Upon seeing her normal family physician MK tested negative for mono and returned home. Her condition worsened over the next week or so and she was very weak, losing weight quickly, and had become nauseated all the time. MK was also exceptionally weak on the right side of her body. After a few more days of this she returned to her family physician who then thought they needed to take a step toward looking...
Madelyn and Derek Flora
When Madelyn Flora of Fort Payne, Alabama, was born in May 2012, she seemed healthy, and the difficulties of those first few weeks – fussiness, sleeplessness, no weight gain -- were thought to be normal for a newborn. Soon, however, her parents, Holly Jo and Alex, would learn that those symptoms foretold a serious diagnosis: cystic fibrosis.
Michael Florence
Michael Florence
Latricia Fontaine
Seven-year-old Latricia Fontaine and mother Christina Henderson have their routine down pat. Once a month, the pair travel from their home in Gadsden to Children’s of Alabama, where Latricia receives a blood transfusion to treat her sickle cell disease.
Elijah Ford
On August 4, 2009, Eli was seriously burned. We had been cooking with grease for over an hour at 450 degrees. Eli is a 5 year old little boy who is extremely active. As he passed through the kitchen he bumped into the pan. The grease fell down his little body melting the flesh. He had burns on his head, ear, neck, shoulder and down his arm. As the smell of burning flesh filled the air the most bone chilling scream traveled through the house! Eli was taken to a local hospital for treatment then sent to the burn unit at Children’s Hospital of AL. The medical staff was above and beyond wonderful!! His nurse was a wonderful man and a gentle giant to Eli. They were understanding with his fear and patient with his pain. With weeks of treatment and trips to the unit he has healed with two...
Braley and Brianna Foust
My twin girls are 10 months old and both were born with cleft lip/palate. We have been traveling back and forth to Birmingham since they were two months old. They will have numerous surgeries throughout life. They had their first surgery in February 2008 (which was two procedures by two different doctors). It was their lip surgery and ear tubes. We stayed overnight at Children’s.
Brooks Fowler
The first birthday celebration for any child is special, but it’s especially meaningful for Chad and Lyndsey Fowler’s young son, Brooks. Because of a serious heart condition, there was a time when they weren’t sure that it would ever happen.
Jase Franklin
Jordan and Jarrett Franklin were excited about becoming parents, and confident they would introduce their son Jase to his new nursery a few short days after birth. They never imagined it would take nearly a month, and a team of exceptional health professionals, for him to become well enough to go home.
Raymond Franklin
Raymond was 10 years old when his family was involved in a near fatal car accident. He was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle. Both of his arms were broken. Numerous surgeries were done in hope to save his leg but he ended up having a amputation above the knee. So much blood was lost and his leg was damaged beyond repair. Losing his leg at an early age has not stopped him from playing basketball or football. He nearly bleed to death and we almost lost him but the many prayers have brought him through and made him a stronger child.
Carolyn Franks
My name is Carolyn Franks, I am 61 years old. My mom and dad’s name was Jack and Ruby Nichols. My right hand is enlarged to twice the size of my left. I was born with it. My parents took me to Children’s Hospital when I was a toddler. I think I may have started going in 1950 or 1951. [I went until I was 18 years old. As you can tell, it’s my right hand because I don’t write to good]. When I was eight or nine the doctors did a biopsy. It’s not cancer they called it Limfamgoma.
Emily Frederick
Sixteen-year-old Emily Frederick of Gadsden is an inspiration to her family, her friends and to her caregivers at Children’s of Alabama. Her courage has, on occasion, brought even her doctors to tears.
Chandler Fullman
On September 14, 2010, Chandler Fullman went to school as a healthy, typical 14-year-old looking forward to trying out for the high school golf team. During a routine weight training session in his physical education class Chandler suddenly fell ill and lost consciousness. He was immediately rushed to Children’s of Alabama where he was diagnosed with a brain bleed. It turned out that Chandler had a tangle of malformed blood vessels in his brain called an arteriovenous malformation. The malformation had been undetected since birth until it ruptured on that day causing the bleeding. Chandler was moved from the Emergency Department to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where he spent two and a half weeks.
James Gable
James Lee Gable was born in July of 1962 a happy healthy baby who by the time he turned three could barely breathe, eat or sleep. Although he had to be propped on a pillow to sleep, banging his head in an effort to breathe and could only eat small bites of soft foods like his favorite mayonnaise sandwiches the doctors in Boaz could do nothing for him. Jamie continued to survive with stick thin arms and legs and an abdomen as big around as he was tall until a new physician recommended a trip to Birmingham. That first visit to Children's Hospital changed Jamie's life. The doctors were amazed at the size of Jamie's tonsils and wondered that he was able to swallow anything. Since his case was so unusual, pictures were taken to document his condition for use in teaching new physicians....
Luke Galloway
Luke was born on March 6, 2003. Our story began three days later as we were preparing to pack and go home. The doctor came in and said, “I think it is best if we keep Luke for further testing.” We were told then, when Luke was three days old, that they thought Luke had Hirschsprungs disease (HD), which is a disease of the colon. I had never heard of this disease. The first biopsy they did came back inconclusive. We continued these biopsies for the next two years, and the results remained the same. In 2009, after years of Luke battling continuous constipation and stomach aches, we decided to start back with a gastro doctor. We were hoping now that he was a little older that something would be found. In April of 2009, we were referred to Dr. Carroll “Mac” Harmon, a pediatric surgeon at Children’s Hospital....
Robert and Cole Gamble
Robert was born in Selma, Alabama with an underdeveloped left side of the body, called Polin Syndrome. In 1976 doctors did not know what to say to Robert’s parents. His family took him to Children’s Hospital. At 6 months old he endured his first surgery and then again at 12 months old. Robert learned to crawl and walk with a cast which was a challenge. Over the course of 10 years of Robert’s life he followed up with visits to Children’s. Robert remembers having a great experience at Children’s, “The physicians were great and as a kid growing up it was a very comforting environment to be in having to go back to the doctor and of course at the time Birmingham was a big city too. It was just an overall great experience”
Bradley Gerald
This is my 3-year-old son Bradley. He's been seen at Children's since he was just a few months old. Today we had a checkup with his plastic surgeon Dr. Grant (who we always look forward to seeing) and when we got to his clinic Bradley was surprised with a new bike for Christmas! I seriously just about cried because every time we go there we are treated with the best care. Then to have them give Brad such a nice gift for Christmas just means so much! I honestly couldn't imagine taking Bradley anywhere else to receive healthcare. Children's in Birmingham always goes above and beyond for their patients! As a mother I am so grateful for Children's, its surgeons, especially Dr. Grant and Dr. Wiatrak, the nurses, doctors, therapists, and everyone who has helped give Brad a second chance at life. I could never thank them enough for everything...
Karlie Gill
Karlie Gill enjoys playing with friends and preparing for gymnastics meets, but it wasn’t long ago that she faced a different battle – one that required great resiliency and strength.
Kaitlyn Gillis
On March 17, 2005 my daughter Katie was admitted to Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama. For two weeks prior to this Katie had been treated for what was believed to be a bladder infection. Katie had been having severe back pain and on this day she had become dehydrated and could not walk. An MRI and a CT scan was ran and it was determined that she had a pocket around her L3 vertebrae. This was believed to be a tumor, possibly cancer. Dr. Benak immediately transferred Katie to Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Katie was admitted on the oncology floor and Dr. Hillard was her primary physician. Many tests were run and after about eight days it was determined that it was not cancer, but some type of infection at this point she was put in the care of Dr. Pass. Dr. Pass diagnosed Katie with Salmonella in her L3...
Jackson Glover
Jackson Glover is one of dozens of children who are being helped by an innovative therapy offered at Children’s of Alabama. The pediatric comprehensive behavioral intervention program for tic disorders (CBIT) is providing relief for children who experience the involuntary movements or vocal sounds commonly referred to as “tics.”
Ben Golden
Ben Golden’s story is about patience and planning, a big dream and perfect timing – and how all these things came together at Children’s of Alabama to save Ben’s life.
Noah Golden
Noah was born on a hot morning in August. He was a month early but seemed to be in good health. Everything went according to plan. Then, after he had been placed in my arms for about 5 minutes, the nurse noticed that he had a blue tinge to his lips. She took him to the nursery to watch him. Not long after, they wheeled him into my room in an incubator and told me he was going to the NICU and would more than likely be released a few days after I went home. My daughters barely even had time to see him before they took him. We were able to get a few pictures with him and then he was gone to NICU. This was the beginning of a long road. I was discharged from the hospital without him....
Fuller Goldsmith
The kitchen is Fuller Goldsmith’s happy place. It’s one of the few places where he doesn’t think about the L-word – leukemia. He finds solace in the chopping and stirring, the frying and sautèeing; he is, by all accounts a true chef and a true survivor.
Fuller Goldsmith
Monday, April 30, 2007 started as any other day. I knew Fuller had not been feeling well or acting like himself, but I had valid reasons behind all of his behavior. However, Leukemia had crossed my mind several times in the last few weeks, and I of course had looked up the symptoms on the internet, so I knew what I knew but didn't want to know it.
Jeron Goodwin
Jeron Goodwin came into the world on December 30, 2000 with a very wide smile. A smile that was much wider than it should have been. Jeron was born with a wide complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. Jeron's parents David and Shannon Goodwin found out about Jeron's condition before he was born due to a routine ultrasound performed at Shannon's OB/GYN. Jeron made his first trip to Children's Hospital on January 11, 2001. He was just 12 days old. It was at cleft Clinic that Jeron was introduced to his cleft team headed by Dr. John Grant and to Ms. Fran, an occupational therapist that changed Jeron's bottles he was using because he was losing a lot of weight. Jeron made several trips to Children's in his first three months planning for his first cleft surgery that would repair his lip and nose. When he came back from...
Pat Gordan
Pat Gordon would not have been considered a child to most when he was first referred to Children’s Hospital. It was just after the thanksgiving holidays that the 27 year old went to the doctor and a form of cancer was discovered in his hip. Doctors were unsure of what type of cancer Pat was suffering from so he was sent to the Mayo Clinic. It was here that Pat was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and then referred to Dr. Jim Dearth at Children’s. Doctors told Pat that if he didn’t mind going to a children’s hospital, Dr. Dearth was his best bet.
AJ Gossen
Adam Jeffrey Gossen (A.J.) was born July 12, 1995 to Rochelle and Jeff Gossen. Rochelle had a normal pregnancy and expected a normal delivery; however, immediately after A.J. was born the doctors placed him in an incubator. His skin was blue due to poor circulation and they didn’t know what was causing him to have difficulty breathing. They also realized that bones were missing from his arms. He was diagnosed with TAR Syndrome, a genetic disorder which stands for thrombocytopenia-absent radius, which means he is missing the radius in his left arm and the radius and humorus in his right arm. Within seven hours of his birth he was transferred via ambulance to Children’s Hospital’s NICU.
Carson Gossett
Most little boys want to be just like their fathers, and 7-year-old Carson Gossett and his dad, Brandon, share a special bond. Both were diagnosed with asthma at an early age.
Luke Gragg
Luke Gragg’s diagnosis of kidney disease was made even before he was born. Just 20 weeks into Megan Gragg’s pregnancy, a routine ultrasound revealed that Luke had a bladder outlet obstruction which prevented him from releasing the urine needed to maintain the proper level of amniotic fluid surrounding him. A week later, doctors performed in-utero surgery to insert a shunt that would allow the urine to drain from his bladder. The shunt worked for several weeks before Luke’s kidneys stopped producing urine.
Melissa Graham
Melissa Graham
Sandra Granger
At the age of 12, growths began to appear on the insteps of Sandra Petty Granger’s feet. The size of the growths made walking painful for her.
Zachary Grice
Zachary Grice is among Alabama’s most decorated athletes.
Zachary Grice
When Zachary Grice was born with Down Syndrome, his parents were determined not let his condition limit his life. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his parents turned to the Children’s Hospital staff for support and comfort. Nine years later, Zach is competing in Special Olympics.
Jackson Griffin
Just moments after Jackson Griffin was born on October 5, 2012, doctors at Flowers Hospital in Dothan knew he would need the help of Children’s of Alabama and its heart surgery team in order to survive. “We found out that Jackson had a congenital heart defect,” says his mother, Debbie. “He was flown to Children’s three hours after he was born.”
Jackson Griggs
Jackson Griggs travels around the world to visit Children’s Hospital of Alabama
Gabriel Grimes
With bright blonde hair, a stubborn cowlick and big, soulful eyes, Gabriel Grimes looks as healthy, active and determined as any three-year-old. But stand him next to his twin sister, Samiya, or his preschool classmates and you’ll see that he’s shorter, smaller. On the playground he’s weaker, too, taking rest breaks as he struggles to keep up with the other children. But he’s growing and thriving, thanks to the care he’s received at the Pediatric and Congenital Heart Center of Alabama located at Children’s of Alabama.
Al Guarisco
In some ways, Children’s of Alabama is as familiar to Al Guarisco as his Daphne, Ala. home. Since his first stay – two hours after his July 11, 2001 birth – he has undergone 20 surgeries or procedures at the place he calls “my Children’s Hospital.”
Alfred Guarisco
After receiving the diagnosis of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia at 36 weeks gestation, we were sent from the Mobile/Daphne area to Birmingham to deliver at UAB. Alfred (Al) was born in the worst of shape and sent immediately to Children's Hospital and placed on ECMO. He fought against all the odds, coming off ECMO after two weeks, through surgery to place a synthetic diaphragm, off the ventilator at six weeks, through more surgery and ventilator time while two months old, then finally home at 3 1/2 months; although still on oxygen, monitors, and a feeding tube. He remained very fragile for several years and was readmitted several times for more surgery and illness; but slowly got stronger and came off his oxygen and began taking some food orally.
Ashley Kate Hagen
At 22, an age when many start life in “the real world,” Ashley Kate Hagen had already dealt with a lifetime’s worth of roadblocks and detours. And she persevered.
Maranda (Randi) Hall
Submitted by Beth Hall
Brett Ham
"Side Ache"
Jessica Handley
When I was 4 years old I was a very sick child. I had severe asthma and an ear infection. My parents and doctors did not know that I was also dehydrated. All the medication that I was taking was building up in my system and led me to an overdose at the beginning of the 1980 year. I had a gran-mal seizure while in my mom's arms at home. I quit breathing and my dad had to do CPR on me twice before the paramedics arrived. I was rushed to Children's where they did all they could and told my parents that all there was to do was wait and see if my heart could hold up. A little over a week later, I was much better and it was going to be my fifth birthday. The nurses planned a huge party. I ended up going home one day...
Libby Hankins
Libby Hankins’ spirit has outlived the breath in their lungs. Her memory and impact live on in those who “choose strength” every day.
Dalton Hardigree
Dalton Andrew Hardigree was born in Huntsville. He spent 19 days in their NICU when they decided to ask Children's of Alabama to help us with his healthcare. Children's accepted him as a patient, and they flew him to Birmingham to the Quarterback Club Tower. Within 24 hours of landing, we learned so much about our son.
Jonathan Hardin
Jon has undergone numerous surgeries since his premature birth. Dr. Jimmy Scott Hill with Pediatric ENT Associates has been with Jon through most of them. Jon had a successful trachea removal when he was two and a half years old, and then he began having several problems with his ears, which was diagnosed as Stenosis. Dr. Hill worked with Children’s Hear center, and Jon was fitted with a BAHA processor two years ago. It has been life changing for him. Thank you Children’s for being there, and to Dr. Hill and his staff for helping our son!
Stella Hardy
A birthday should be a happy occasion for every child and Stella Hardy and her family from Holt, Fla., had much to celebrate when she recently turned 2. In just a year, Stella, a patient in Aerodigestive Program at Children’s of Alabama, has gone from a seriously ill baby to happy and healthy toddler.
Prinston Harkey
Prinston Harkey was born April 8, 2015, with Hirschsprung (HIRSH-sproong) disease, a congenital disorder of the large intestine or colon. It’s a condition all too familiar to Prinston’s mother, Tiffany. She, too, was born with Hirschsprung disease, as was her oldest son, Prinston’s big brother.
Prinston Harkey
Prinston Amir was born on April 8, 2015. He was so perfect. He had a head full of hair, so beautiful! The first day went by and Prinston didn't have his first bowel movement. I knew right then my son had Hirschsprung disease because it’s a hereditary condition. It affects the large intestine and causes problems with passing stool.This was not my first rodeo. Not only was I diagnosed with this disease as a baby, but also my first son Tristin. I was saddened, but knew I had to deal with things and stay strong for Prinston.
Juliana Harless
One cold Saturday morning I woke up in my bed at home and immediately started screaming at the top of my lungs. As my family ran into my room, fearful of what could be going on, the last thing they expected was to find me in the state that I was in. I was 15 years old and completely immobile. A few weeks before, I had repeatedly felt exhausted and unlike myself, but waking up that morning and not even being able to lift my fingers was a type of pain I never thought I would have to deal with. After seeing any and every type of doctor throughout the state and enduring several stints in the hospital in Tuscaloosa, I was eventually transferred to Children's Hospital. It was there that I found my angels: the physicians and staff at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.
Kelsey Harris
When I was born I was diagnosed with extrophy of the bladder. Dr. Joseph treated me from day one. Now I am a healthy 13 year old girl. He is awesome. Without him I don't know what my life would be like today but he always knew what to do and when to do it. They were a blessing to me and my family.
Kylin Harris
Hearts are full at Children’s of Alabama because Kylin Harris’ heart is well. Inside a hospital conference room in June 2018, the banner was hung, the tablecloth was draped and the cake was cut in celebration of Kylin, the first-ever patient at Children’s to be successfully weaned from a pediatric ventricular assist device without the need for a heart transplant. The 1-year-old guest of honor arrived in what is by far Children’s most popular mode of transportation – a red Radio Flyer wagon – a stark contrast from her arrival just four months prior.
Kai Hawkins
On April 7, 2018, Zane and Erika Hawkins heard words no parent wants to hear. Their 2-year-old son, Kai, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. In the days before Kai’s diagnosis, he ran a high fever and lost his appetite. A visit to the Hawkinses’ local hospital emergency room revealed Kai’s bloodwork was off and the family was referred to Children’s of Alabama for more testing.
Kelsey Hayes
You see it on TV all the time, says Krystal Hayes, maybe in a commercial or a primetime medical drama: A family reeling from a child’s serious diagnosis, uncertain of what the future holds. You never think it could happen to you. Then it does.
Shelby Hazelip
It was the night before final exams week at the University of Alabama in December 2015 when Shelby Hazelip fell ill, experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain and tightness. The then 19-year-old initially wrote the symptoms off, but while taking her exams, the symptoms persisted and worsened as the day went on.
Nicole Helms
Nicole was born with cerebral palsy. She had a stroke while in-utero. Her diagnosis wasn't until she was about 15 months old. We were lucky, hers is very mild. BUT, was put into PT and OT immediately and has been ever since. With each growth spurt we had been able to stretch her muscles and tendons to work but this last growth spurt over the summer of 2007 we just could not do it this time. She developed Cavus Foot and would require surgery; her first ever. Dr. Killian and his team had to lengthen her heel cord and three of her tendons in her foot and then re-align her ankle bone. Surgery went as expected and all was done. She came out with a pink and green striped cast! The nurses at Children's were wonderful to her and us. Nicole does not handle pain very well but with the...
Taylor Hendrix
Taylor was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at 11 years old in Sept 2006. She had complained of her right arm hurting on and off over the summer, but was on the swim team and we thought it was from daily swimming. We were very blessed to find out that Taylor's cancer was located to just one area. Taylor began her chemo in Sept of 2006 and had treatment until Dec 5, 2006 when she had her reconstructive surgery. After her surgery she again had six months of chemo to assure all cancer cells were killed. Taylor was so very sick during treatment that she lost a great deal of weight and had to have a feeding tube placed. Taylor remained very strong during her entire chemo treatment and kept everyone else strong. She also was, and is, very inspiring to others going through the same thing. Taylor has had regular six...
Webster Heritage
Webster Heritage
Elijah Hester
Elijah was born in 2002 and was growing up quickly just like any other healthy little boy. But unknown to his parents, his skull sutures (growth joints between the bones) had prematurely fused during his early development. The abnormal growth this caused soon became noticeable, and at age four, Elijah was referred by his pediatrician to the Craniofacial Center at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. There he met Dr. Grant and Dr. Blount and was diagnosed with Sagittal Craniosynostosis.
Brandon Hicks
Brandon Hicks pounded up and down the basketball court, playing one of his best games ever that hot day, even though the match on June 10, 2008, between his visiting Ragland High School team and Moody High was only a practice game. But then the 15-year-old began feeling strange, so he took a break. When the half-time buzzer rang, the boy tried to rise but his 6’5”, 250-pound body refused.
Michaela Hicks
When 13-month old Michaela Hicks randomly started running a fever, her mother, Dana, knew there was more going on than a simple fever virus. However, test after test performed at the pediatrician’s office came back normal. “After a couple of weeks she still had the fever and she was getting listless and pale,” Dana said. “I knew I had to get her to the hospital that day or she might not make it.”
Cathy Higgins
I was born in Anniston, AL on Sept. 30, 1969. Immediately, everyone knew something was wrong and I was not expected to live to see October. My parents, aunt and pastor rushed me to Children's Hospital, where it was determined that I had been born with a severe birth defect. This left me with quite a number of problems that needed to be dealt with immediately if I was to survive. Those problems included severe digestive maladies, which required immediate surgery and several subsequent operations at Children's Hospital over the next two years. The staff at Children's Hospital later discovered that my face and left eye were also affected by the birth defect, as were my bones, which influenced my teeth. That seems like a lot to deal with. And it was. But thanks to the care and expertise of the staff at Children's Hospital, I not only made it...
Dominic Hillman
When 19-year-old Dominic Hillman was just 7 years old, his parents, Eddie and Michelle, made the decision to move to Prattville from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, so their little boy could be closer to Children’s Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham.
Dominic and Joshua Hillman
My Two Angels
Frances Grace Hirs
Frances Grace Hirs, a very brave little girl from Baldwin County is an expert on cancer, chemo, and leukemia. She was referred to Children's Hospital by her local pediatrician in August of 2003. There, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), which is a serious type of blood cancer. She endured chemo and all of its side effects. She suffered a fractured back in five places and had to have a feeding tube. She lost all of her hair. Her parents, Allen and Debbie Hirs watched helplessly. But with the help of God and the staff at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, 9 year old Frances Grace is now celebrating her 5th year in remission! She is a healthy 3rd grader who likes ballet, violin, and Hannah Montana! Her parents started a golf tournament in her honor to raise money for...
Aaliyah Hix
Aaliyah's Story
Cooper Hodges
Johnathon and Lauren Hodges of Florence, Alabama weren’t aware of child life or child life specialists until their 4-year-old son Cooper was admitted to Children’s of Alabama’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). They didn’t anticipate the familiar faces that would comfort their family through their hospital stay and beyond.
Miranda Hoffman
Julia Dockery didn’t worry too much when in early January 2012 her 17-year-old daughter Miranda Hoffman came home from softball practice complaining of tingling in her toes. She just assumed her cleats were tied too tightly. The next day, Miranda said her hands felt the same way, and figured she must have caught the ball wrong. Even on the third day, when the tingling moved into her arms and legs, Miranda and Julia passed the symptoms off as a pinched nerve.
Kendall Hogan
When Kendall Hogan of Hartford was six years old, her parents Judy and Jeff became concerned. She was tall for her age, was experiencing underarm odor unusual for a child her age and also had developed a dark ring around her neck.
Mary Lauren Hoggle
On May 3, 2007 our little girl Mary Lauren was brought to Children’s for evaluation. She was born with a rare condition called tracheal webbing. The day she was transferred she had a severe pulmonary hemorrhage and almost died. Thanks to the skill of the doctors and nurses in the NICU, Mary Lauren is now a happy one year old. The doctors and nurses were so caring and compassionate not only to our little girl but also to my husband and me. Everyday they took time to check on us and give us reassurance and a shoulder to cry on. I thank God for Children’s and their staff because without them we would not have our beautiful little girl. Children's is a place of hope. When Mary Lauren was born no one at our hospital had even heard of her condition, let alone dealt with it before. At Children's we...
Grace Holder
Grace Holder
Gracie Holland
Chandra and John Holland of Athens will never forget that day in March when doctors told them their youngest daughter had been born with Crouzon syndrome with acanthosis nigricans (CAN)—a very rare genetic condition occurring in just one per million births. She also was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and Chiari malformation.
Ava Kate Hollingsworth
When Ava Kate Hollingsworth was first diagnosed with cancer, she didn’t have any symptoms. Her parents, Lisa and Shane, noticed a bump on her stomach one day, and an ultrasound later revealed then 3-year-old Ava Kate had a large mass that required surgery.
Greyson Holmes
At six weeks of age, Greyson Holmes became very sick. He was mysteriously spiking fevers and becoming increasingly sicker as the days went by. After several visits to the local pediatrician and a week long stay in a local hospital, Greyson was rushed to Children’s Hospital.
Leah Holstein
On March 9, 2009 I was cooking my 4 year old triplets their favorite lunch of spaghetti while they were running around playing. My daughter asked for candy and I told her, "No, Mommy is making lunch it will be ready in a minute." I put the spaghetti on top of the microwave and turned to finish the dishes when I heard a chair sliding back. She had pulled a chair to the counter and climbed up to reach for candy. I told her to get down and as she was climbing down, she somehow slipped and grabbed a pot full of boiling water. I went to grab her, but I missed. She hit the floor and the pot of boiling water landed on her. I grabbed her shirt and jerked it off as I started SCREAMING for my husband who was upstairs sleeping (he worked the night shift). One...
Rick Hood
Perceived misbehavior in the classroom led to Rick Hood’s epilepsy diagnosis. One day, Rick’s kindergarten teacher thought he was acting out when he actually suffered a seizure.
Joshua Hopkins
By Cathy Hopkins
Lydia Hostetter Watkins
Twenty-four years ago, when I was 13 years old, I had a bilateral bunionectomy surgery on my feet at Children's of Alabama. Although the surgery was minor, uneventful, and after six weeks I was walking on my own without crutches, it impacted my life in ways I never would have dreamed.
Maisie House
As residents of the Birmingham suburb of Vestavia Hills, Jennifer and Blaine House were familiar with Children’s of Alabama and its mission of caring for kids. Blaine had even volunteered for more than a decade with the Annual Pig Iron BBQ Challenge, which benefits Children’s Harbor Family Center.
Madyson Hubbard
Madyson was first at Children's in May 2006 to have a g-tube placed by Dr. Georgeson. She was transferred from the NICU at Baptist South in Montgomery. It was a scary situation, but the staff made it easier to deal with through their support. We were finally able to take our little girl home on May 23, 2006. We returned to Children's in Sept 2006 because Madyson's tempature had risen to a dangerous 108 degrees. She was in the PICU this time, and the staff was just as friendly and supportive as our previous stay. The neurologist team went over Madyson's EEG and MRI in depth with us. We learned more about her illness in the short time the staff talked with us, than we had since her birth in April 2006. Although it could not be determined what caused the spike in tempature, Madyson received the best care possible.
Kelsey Hunnicutt
As a varsity cheerleader and a member of a competitive cheerleading squad, Kelsey Hunnicutt, a 17-year-old senior at Brookwood High School, was accustomed to the bruises and minor injuries that go along with the sport. When her knee began to hurt after a fall, Kelsey and her parents saw no reason for real concern. “We gave it a few days and when it didn’t get better, we made an appointment to see our family doctor. I didn’t even go with her because we thought it was just a sprain,” said Kelsey’s mother, Terrie Hunnicutt. What the Hunnicutts thought would be a routine x-ray showed results that concerned the doctor. “That was on a Friday afternoon and the doctor called and told me, ‘If I could send you to Children’s today, I would,”Hunniccutt said. On the following Monday Kelsey and her parents met with doctors at Children’s of Alabama and...
Geraldine Hunt
Geraldine Hunt
Eric Hurter
Eric (2 lbs 3 oz) and Kaitlyn (2 lbs) were born 14 weeks early at UAB Hospital. Kaitlyn was transferred to Children's Hospital on June 2nd, 2006 due to NEC. Eric stayed at UAB but has since seen several doctors at UAB and Children's Hospital. He was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis, IVH Grade III, Grade III Reflux and a hole in his heart. He was able to come home to be with us on August 31st, 2006. His sister was in the hospital until Ocotber 18th, 2006. Today Eric is a happy and healthy 2.5 year old with no lasting effects of his prematurity. He was and still is in God's hands. We are ever so grateful to all the personnel at Children's for their compassion and involvement in our children's lives.
Kaitlyn Hurter
Miracle Child
Colton Hutchison
Colton Hutchison of Jasper appeared to be a perfectly healthy little boy when he was born in February 2010. But weeks later, he frightened his parents when he stopped breathing while his mom, Kristy, was feeding him. After a few pats on the back, he revived and doctors attributed the spell to an upper respiratory infection. But five days later, it happened again and Kristy had to perform CPR on her baby. A second trip to the Children’s of Alabama emergency department sent Colton straight to the neonatal intensive care unit where doctors suspected kidney disease.
Brandon Ealy Jackson
My son Brandon made his early arrival on February 26, 2006 at 29 weeks and four days at UAB. I noticed right away that his stomach was really swollen to the point where it looked like plastic. He was taken to the NICU immediately after his birth at UAB because he was struggling to breathe. My motherly instinct heightened because I knew there was more going on with him. There were X-rays ordered for his stomach because it kept expanding tighter and tighter along with spinal taps and other tests. Brandon weighed 3lbs 4oz. at birth and I was unable to help him. Two days later the doctors found a hole in his intestine, but they didn't know how large it was because there was a lot of air in his tummy.
Mackenzie Jackson
At Camp BRIDGES, a Lake Martin retreat for children who have had or are in need of an organ transplant, Charline Whyte received a standing ovation. “I was very humbled,” said the 33-year-old organ donor.
Dailan Jennings
In April of 2009, one day before his third birthday, Dailan started swelling in his face and legs. Thinking it was allergies, we took him to his regular pediatrician. Two days later the swelling had gotten much worse and had moved to his belly.We took him to Childrens Hospital where he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. After a kidney biopsy in June, we were told he had IGM Nephropathy, a disease where the antibodies attack the kidneys. Dailan is only the third child that Children's has ever treated with this disease.The nephrologist put him on several different meds and within a few weeks he was in remission. He has had several relapses since being diagnosed but the wonderful doctors at Children's always get him back up and going. I thank God for Children's Hosital and all the staff there for taking great care of Dailan and helping him live a...
Ava Johnson
When Ava was born, she was perfectly healthy. After about three months, I started to notice that Ava was not progressing along as she should. She wasn't moving her legs at all and she wouldn't lift her head up if I placed her on her tummy. At Ava's fourth month check up I mentioned it to her Doctor and they decided to run some tests. After x-rays, MRI's, and a muscle biopsy we were told that we would have to wait almost two months for the test results to come back. Finally, when Ava reached 7 months old, we went to see our local neurologist and were told that Ava had Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. She would never be able to sit up on her own, crawl or walk. We were also told that she would have problems eating and would suffer from...
Ben Johnson
The symptoms weren’t worrisome at first, said Christi Johnson of her then 7-year-old son, Ben, who one day began experiencing unexplained low-grade fevers.
Danielle Johnson
What a difference a summer makes: Priceville teen inspires others after Memorial Day accident
Dustin Johnson
My mommy and daddy found out I had a heart condition when Mommy was pregnant with me. Mommy and Daddy were then told I would need open heart surgery when I was just a few days old. I was born on Halloween morning and ended up having one open heart surgery seven days later. I had my second open heart surgery when I was 3 months old. Now I'm about to turn 1 year old, and I’m the best little boy in the world. I'm always happy and you can never tell anything is wrong with me until you open up my shirt and see my battle scars. My name is Dustin, which means brave warrior, and I live up to that name every day.
Jakarri Johnson
The road to kindergarten has not been an easy one for 5-year-old Jakarri Johnson of Montgomery – but thanks to his friends and caregivers at Children’s of Alabama, he’s doing just fine now!
Lynn Johnson
By Lynn Johnson Hill and O'Day Wilson
Annabelle Leigh Jones
There was something about Annabelle Leigh Jones that didn’t seem right to her mother, Victoria. Annabelle was the youngest of Victoria’s three daughters. All were happy, healthy babies, but by age 2, Annabelle seemed a little more sensitive than her sisters. She would wake up in the night and cry, and was more susceptible to infections than her sisters had been at that age.
Doug Jones
It may be hard for people who have seen Doug Jones’ legal commentary on national television to imagine this esteemed Birmingham lawyer as a panicked six-year-old at Children’s Hospital.
Halyn Jones
In Birmingham CHARGE Syndrome is not a new condition, but in Montgomery, there isn't anyone else I know who has a young child diagnosed, so treatment here is where I teach the doctors about my child. When we were first sent to Dr. Wooley to talk to him about the Cochlear implant and to drill through bone blocking her nostrils so she could breathe through her nose, we didn't have to explain anything. He has treated several children with the syndrome. He listened to us and scheduled her for surgery immediately. Everyone at the outpatient facility was understanding and worked with us to make her as comfortable as possible. She was kept over night for observation and was scheduled for an MRI the next day to determine the exact structure of the bones in her ears. When we came back to have the tubes removed from her nose, he took...
Jaamal Jones
Child of Children’s – Jaamal Jones, Dothan, Alabama
Krystle Jones
One night when I was 4 years old my grandfather bought me some peanuts because I love peanuts. Shortly after, my stomach started hurting. My mom took me to the ER several times that night and they kept sending me home because they said it was gas. The next night she took me back because I was in pain still and another doctor was on and said that they had to get me to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham as soon as possible because I had gallstones. When I got to Children's Hospital sure enough I did have gallstones and the later found out that my intestines were growing into my liver and they were going to have to do a reconstruction of my stomach. I remember having a tube in my nose, in my side, and a catheter. I also remember the nurses telling my that I couldn’t have...
Lindsey Jones
Twenty-one-year-old Lindsey Jones of Gurley, Alabama, will be a senior when she returns to the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) in fall 2017. She is a psychology major and music minor, a mainstay on the Dean’s List and was recently inducted into the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology.
Lindsey Jones
Hi, I'm Lindsey Jones. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma) one month before my fourth birthday. I started dropping things on the floor and couldn't see to pick them up. At first my parents took me to a local doctor but he said that there was nothing wrong. Within the week, I became much worse. My parents rushed me to Children's Hospital. They said that there was something wrong inside my head and admitted me to Children's. The next morning I woke up and said "mom turn on the lights; it's dark in here." Due to the cancer I lost my eyesight. I was treated at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where I underwent radiation and chemo for a year. Out of the year I only got to go home for six weeks. I was very sick with blisters in my mouth and down my throat. I...
Quinton "Eddie" Jones
My Son Eddie was born 6 weeks premature with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. At birth he weighted 6lb 14oz and was 20" long. His head was 42cm at birth and they did not think he had anything but a brain stem. They thought that Eddie would not be anything but a veggie for his life but Eddie has surprised us all. He is wheelchair bound but is the sweetest most loving child I have ever seen. He has been in the Hospital many, many times over the years with quite a few different problems. He has had to have about 30 different surgeries on his shunt which regulates the fluid pressure in his brain. He has had to have 3 back surgeries to release his spinal cord from scar tissue in his back. That condition is called Tethered Cord and is something that impacts him in so many ways. Eddie...
Zaylan Jones
Zaylan Jones showed signs of delayed development at an early age. At 10 months old, he struggled to walk and talk and sit up on his own. One day, when Zaylan began running a fever, seizing and vomiting, his mother, Linda Swain, rushed him to their local emergency room. Doctors, unable to determine what was going on, sent Zaylan to Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham, but even at Children’s, doctors were unable to give an immediate diagnosis.
Ashley Joslin
Ashley Joslin was once a girl with a lot of big dreams. She wanted to dance. She wanted to play the piano. And she wanted to be a doctor. But first, the New York native would have to overcome a few obstacles along the way.
Cooper Keasler
On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007 my three year old son Cooper complained of a headache. We took him to the doctor on Sunday and they said it was just a fever virus. We went home and Cooper continued having the headache and a fever. His fever would go to 103.8 at night, but would remain low grade during the day. We went back to the doctor three more times that week, resulting in the same diagnosis. Finally, when we went on Thursday, our doctor could see that something more was wrong. Cooper could not stay awake, he was struggling to breathe and his headache was getting worse. We were sent to Flowers Hospital where they saw that he had pneumonia. We spend the night in the hospital. The next morning’s X-rays showed that the pneumonia had spread rather rapidly to his other lung. The doctors decided that we needed to...
Alyssa Keen
Alyssa came to Children’s Hospital in June of 2009 where she was treated for subglottic stenosis. A graft was done with a piece of cartilage from her ribs. Unfortunately it did not take and Aly ended up with a tracheotomy. Through all of this Aly remained strong and happy. She was a fighter. Considering she spent the first six months of her life in the NICU at other hospitals from being born premature. She never gave up. During her one month stay with Children’s she showed her strengths. She would enter the nurses’ station being pulled in her wagon and the nurses would all say "the queen has arrived." She would greet them with her wonderful smile and bright blue eyes. Although Aly was only 17 months old she showed more courage and a fighting spirit to survive than I have ever witnessed before. We lost Aly in August 2009...
Raine Keir
Sonya White could never have guessed the role she would play in the life of her great niece Raine Keir. Looking back, she says it’s been a “scary ride, but this is a ride I’d do again tomorrow.”
Lane Keith
Lane's Story
Sarah Lynne Keith
Sarah Lynne Keith is one of the approximately 13,000 children in the United States each year who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
Betsy Keyton
Betsy Keyton was never a patient at Children’s Hospital, but it was Children’s that inspired her to begin a nursing career that she loves. In 1989, Betsy’s niece Rachel was born with an association of birth defects called Vater’s Syndrome, which affected her heart, kidneys and esophagus. Rachel was hospitalized at Children’s for more than three months. Betsy was by her niece’s side for much of that time. Betsy says, “I fell in love with Children’s Hospital and I fell in love with how they treated the families and how they took care of the patients.”
Jordan Kilgore
Ask most parents of toddlers, and they will tell you that tantrums are part of growing up. For Jordan Kilgore, those tantrums led to a surprising discovery that changed her world for the better.
Jennifer King
When I was 4 years old I was admitted to Children's after suffering from 3rd degree burns on my chest. Every day for two weeks I returned to the hospital to have my burns thoroughly cleaned and wrapped with gauze. Although it did hurt, I looked forward to coming in and seeing the smiling faces and sensing the genuine care for me.
Kaydee King
Submitted by Julie Renee King
Briana Kinsey
When Briana Kinsey competes in the Miss Alabama pageant this June, she will come with a message – to encourage children to stay active and make sure they are eating healthy food in order to prevent diabetes.
Emily Knerr
When six year old Emily Knerr began waking at night with leg pains, her parents and pediatrician thought it was merely growing pains. Soon the leg pains were accompanied by stomach aches and weight loss. “They did blood work and said everything was fine,” said Emily’s mom, Amanda Knerr. A month later the stomach pains became so severe that the Knerrs rushed Emily to the emergency room of a hospital near their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. “We thought she had appendicitis, but her tumor had actually ruptured,” Knerr said. Emily underwent surgery to remove a large tumor which the doctors diagnosed as small cell carcinoma of the ovary.
Sadie Knight
Sadie Marie Knight was born on November 21, 2006 in Mobile, Al. My husband and I were first time parents and just over the moon with excitement when Sadie was born. She was born two months premature and gave us quite a scare. From the moment she came into this world she proved to be such a brave little girl.
Peyton Lamb
Peyton is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was 3 years old. After a couple bouts with pneumonia and some digestive problems, our pediatrician (who completed her internship at Children's in the Pulmonary Department) decided she wanted to do a sweat test for CF. The sweat test came back as CF. Our doctor was able to get us an appointment at Children's the next day.
April Landinger
It all started when I was 15 years old. I got home from school, did my work, ate, and took a shower. While showering I turned around to rinse off. All of a sudden I got really dizzy, so I leaned my head up against the wall. Then everything went black. The next thing I know I am staring up at the ceiling of my house and my mom's asking me what happened. I had passed out. We went to my pediatrician right away and blood was drawn. My thyroid levels were too high. They started me on medicines and sent me to Dr. Latif at Children's. We then did blood work and changed my medicine a lot of times over the course of a year. Then I couldn't swallow and felt a knot in my throat. Tests were run, but turned out inconclusive. Finally, we hd a choice between...
Olivia Landreth
For nearly a year, 13-year-old Olivia Landreth had been sick with a mystery illness. She had missed a total of 27 days during the school year and had gone to at least 20 different doctors and specialists desperate to find what was ailing her. It wasn’t until one doctor checked her urine last August and found unusually high ketone. Ketone in the urine is a sign that the body is using fat for energy instead of using glucose because not enough insulin is available to use glucose for energy. The doctor ordered a blood test that revealed that the illness that was plaguing Olivia for so long was type 1 diabetes.
Javokious Laster
My name is Javokious Laster. I'm 15 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) on August 26, 2007. When we first learned of this at Baptist East and then at Children's Hospital in Birmingham it was very hard on our family. But with our prayers and the prayers of family and friends, also church family, I've been blessed with a longer life. I have a new lease on life and I can share it with the world and fulfill all my dreams.
Mary Kathryn Lawrence
On the surface, Huntsville native Mary Kathryn Lawrence is like any other teen. She enjoys social events, and in high school, she was a Diamond Doll for the baseball team, a member of the swim team and even worked as a lifeguard. Now, like other 19 year olds, she’s learning how to navigate college life. Mary Kathryn also has another focus – living with neurofibromatosis (NF).
Megean Ledbetter
Around age 11 I began to have severe joint and back pain. My mom took me to my doctor who ordered a series of X-rays. The doctor who read the X-rays said he didn't see anything wrong and that I would most likely grow out of the pain. A year later the pain in my back was worse and my mom once again took me to my doctor and demanded that I be referred to someone other than our local physicians. He referred us to an orthopedist at Children's Hospital of Birmingham. We were told to bring in the previous years X-rays. Upon arrival at the hospital, the orthopedist ordered another round of X-rays and did a series of different tests. He then left the room for a while, only to come back and ask me if I had been eating rocks. This was crazy, as I was 12 years...
Liam Ledbetter-Dunn
Liam Ledbetter-Dunn would return home from daycare with bruises thought to be the result of toddler horseplay. But when Liam’s bruises worsened, parents Brian and Shane Ledbetter-Dunn were proactive in scheduling an appointment with Liam’s hometown pediatrician in Auburn, Alabama. A bloodwork test revealed Liam, then 2 ½ , had childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) – a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Symptoms of ALL include fever and bruising, bone pain, fatigue, petechiae (tiny purple, red or brown spots on the skin), loss of appetite and night sweats.
Quintavius Lee
When the Children’s of Alabama Critical Care Transport (CCT) team entered the emergency department at a Talladega hospital on March 6, 2015, 17-year-old Quintavius Lee was in full arrest. Just hours earlier, his family had taken him there with a severe asthma attack – one far worse than any he previously had experienced.
Seth Lewis
First-time mom B. Lynn Lewis of Pelham, Alabama refers to her son, Seth, as her “little lightning bug.” It’s hard to recall life before him, she says. And life with him has been nothing short of sweetness, despite the hurdles along the way.
Kace Lightsey
Imagine having a 7-year-old son with epilepsy – a son who for two years has been experiencing up to 40 seizures each day.
Martez Ligon
By The Grace of God
Reese Lisenby
When Reese Lisenby of Dothan was almost 3 years old, she developed pneumonia. X-rays showed a life-threatening accumulation of fluid around her lungs. Her parents, Judd and Nicole, were told that she needed to be transported by ambulance from the local hospital to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.
Anna Littleton
Thirteen-year-old Anna Litttleton loves to run – and she’s good at it. So good, in fact, that coaches at Mountain Brook High School recruited her to the varsity cross-country team last season while she was still a 7th grader. The team went on to win the 6A state title and Anna achieved All-State (Top 15) status.
Evelyn Lowery
In 1992, my right jaw was swollen and red. I went to my pediatric doctor and he sent me to a dentist. They told me that there was not a problem with my teeth. On the following day, the doctor called and told me he was sending me to another doctor and they were going to do a fine needle biopsy. I went on a Thursday and on that following Monday, my doctor (Dr. Caballero) called my mom and told her I had an appointment at Children's Hospital. I went thru many x-rays and blood work. They told my Mom I had Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer. I went thru one year of chemotherapy and had surgery to take the jaw bone out. They used bone marrow from my left hip bone. When they went in to do the surgery they found no cancer. Thank you, Jesus! It has been almost...
Dudley Luckie
Dudley Luckie’s story is one of determination, both on Dudley’s part and his parents, Terri Shaw and Warner Luckie. When Dudley’s mother, Terri Shaw, was 20 weeks pregnant with Dudley, she had an appointment with her doctor to determine the sex of her unborn child. That’s when Dudley’s parents got the news that Dudley would be born with a different set of abilities than other newborns. Dudley was diagnosed with Spina Bifida.
Oliver Lytle
The Lytle family’s experience with neurological disease began when Kelly and Rich’s youngest son, Oliver, was just four-and-a-half years old in 2011. After a sudden and unexpected seizure, an electroencephalogram (EEG) found abnormal spiking on the left side of his brain, confirming he had epilepsy. For almost two years, medication controlled it. But eventually, no medication was working; Oliver was experiencing intractable epilepsy. “It was a rough time,” Kelly said. “Oliver was having numerous breakthrough seizures, even though we had tried a lot of different kinds of medications.”
Ansley Mangus
Ansley Mangus
Jaxon Marrow
On June 23, 2005 our lives forever changed. Jaxon was born at approx. 1:30 pm at Decatur General Hospital. As soon as he was born, he was transferred to the nearest NICU in North Alabama. Little did we know, Jaxon was VERY special. After testing in the NICU we became aware that Jaxon was born with a rare genetic makeup. To be exact, so rare that he is only one of about 40 documented cases. He has a chromosome 10p deletion, trisomy 6. When Jaxon was just under two months old, he was transferred to Children's Hospital. My husband and I, along with our pediatrician felt that it was in his best interest to be where the BEST doctors were. The day before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Jaxon coded in my arms. It took the doctors at Children's 35 minutes to intubate him. He was immediately transferred to the PICU....
Amanda Martin
I was five and a half years old and in kindergarten when I was first diagnosed with acute lymphocyctic leukemia. For the next two and a half years Children's in Birmingham became a home away from home. I love Dr. Castleberry and all the nurses and staff members there. I am now 17 years old and a senior in high school. I love to dance --tap, jazz, and lyrical, but my favorite is pointe. I have been taking since I was three years old except for two years when I was too sick to take it. I even teach a class for little children. I'm involved in my church youth group and go on mission trips in the summer. I still love to go for my yearly check-up so that I can see all the doctors and nurses. When I was sick it was very scary, but the people at...
Nick Mathis
Doctors gave Nick only a few months to live, but that never stopped him from living a normal life. Nick Mathis became sick in March of 1985 with what his mother, Charlie Steward, thought was the flu. Nick went on to school that day, but when his mom called Emmanuel Christian School to check on her sick son, she was told he was pale and had an upset stomach.
Ryland Matlock
To Karey Haisten-Matlock and her husband, William Matlock III, the way their 13-year-old son, Ryland, works through the pain of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) is truly strength personified.
Walker McCain
Before May 26, 2011, 17-year-old Walker McCain was an all-star cross-country runner for Mountain Brook High School. But the race of his life began on that day after he flipped over the handlebars of his bicycle, slid almost 75 feet and struck his head on a large rock.
Oma Lavelle McCarty
Oma Lavelle McCarty
Harris McConnell Jones
Harris was born on 5/16/03 weighing 11 lbs. When he was 5 weeks old, he was not eating well and not gaining weight. We saw the only Pediatric GI Specialist in Montgomery and after 2 hospitalizations to run several tests, we chose to seek a GI specialist at the foremost hospital for children in the state of AL, Children's Hospital Birmingham.
Lilly-Rose McCord
Crystal McCord of Dothan is all too familiar with kidney and urinary tract problems.
Audriana and Cameron McGhee
Small Blessings
Kati McGriff
When I was 14 years old I was in the hospital in Dothan, Alabama for a very long time. I had extremely high blood pressure, and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. It got so bad that my mom finally called Birmingham. She spoke to a nurse up there and she told my mom to take me to Birmingham immediately. When we got up there they scheduled me for a kidney biopsy and in less than 24 hours they knew I had a kidney disease. To this day they still aren't sure exactly what it was, but they told us, at that time, that I would need a transplant one day, but no time soon. Well, two years later I had to have a transplant. So, in 2004 I had a transplant. It was a kidney that I had gotten from a lady my dad works with, that I had...
Daisy and Noah McGukin
What does it take to make a family? Marty McGukin says hers was not complete until the adoption of Noah Asher on September 4, 2013 – and that the cheerful toddler whose middle name means “happy” would never have made his way into the McGukins’ hearts without Children’s of Alabama.
Kaileb McIntyre
When Kaileb McIntyre was born nearly 14 weeks before his due date in April, 2012, his doctors expected that he would face many of the problems typical for premature babies. “He weighed only 2 lbs. 2 oz. and he had a lot of complications that came along with him being so small, so he had a tough time starting from when he was born,” said his mother, Khalena McIntyre.
Alayna McQuay
Alayna's Story
Parker McQueen
Parker McQueen is a child of Children’s. His father, Dr. Mike McQueen has spent countless hours at the hospital with Parker, but his own experience with Children’s began back in 1986 with his pediatric rotation. Dr. McQueen was on call at Children’s when his twins were born and again two years later when his wife went into labor with their third son, Parker.
Chris McRae
Chris' Story
Trinity McRae
Trinity's Story
Joel Metcalf
The depth of the bond shared between mother and child is like none other. Motherly instinct kicks in and one can be all consumed by the need to nurture and protect. Just ask Rachel Metcalf, whose youngest son, Joel, spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s of Alabama.
David Meyers
When 15-year-old David Meyers suffered a bad hit playing high school football, he and his parents, Maureen and David, expected some sort of physical ailment. However, the aftermath was more serious than they anticipated.
Parker Ray Miller
Parker was born September 14, 2005, six weeks earlier than we had planned. He was small, 4 pounds 11 ounces, and not breathing very strongly, but that was to be expected with slightly immature lungs. After a couple of days of oxygen and some time for his lungs to mature, we thought we would carry our new baby boy home to start our new adventures as a family. Unfortunately, that was not the case. At about 20 hours old, Parker had an apnea episode where he stopped breathing. The nurses got him to breathing again, but it was apparent that we might be dealing with more than just immature lungs and that Parker needed to be transferred to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to better care for him. The pediatrician informed us that it had been arranged to transfer Parker from our local hospital in Fort Payne to the nearest...
Zykeise Miller
When 5-year-old Zykeise Miller seemed to always have trouble catching his breath, his mother knew something was wrong. “I could hear him wheezing. We lived in a very old house at the time and had a wood burning heater. In the winter it always seemed much worse. I kept trying to figure out why he was so congested,” Valnecia Fluker said.
Baily Mitchell
Baily has been at Children's Hospital child since he was about three weeks old. He continued with vomiting and respiratory infections. We had our second surgery at Children's when he was about six weeks old, and our third by one year old. By age four he continued to stay sick despite efforts to keep him well. His team of physicians began to search for the source of his illness. His pulmonologist since infancy diagnosed him with Common Variable Immunodeficiency. A disorder that makes it very difficult for Baily to fight off infections and viruses. Baily continues to travel to Children’s sometimes monthly or every three months depending on how we are doing. He receives gamma-globulin weekly to boost his immune system and temporarily give him immunities he does not have. We love Children's hospital. They have given us hope, support, and love through some very difficult times with Baily. They...
John Ross Mitchell
John had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks. We had seen our local physician several times. The first visit they said it was viral and he would just have to wait it out. The second time they gave us an antibiotic, but nothing seemed to be working. He would go from the bed to the couch and was walking less and less. He had no energy and wanted to sleep all the time. When we would move him he began to act like it was very uncomfortable. Almost like it hurt to move. On Saturday April 14th, we decided to go to Children's and take John through the ER. We didn't know what else to do. I thought we would be there overnight and be back home. But God had different plans. Dr. Hope decided after a round of blood work and X-rays that...
Leslie Mitchell
Had to Have Special CT Scans
Logan Montgomery
Logan was born at thirty weeks gestation on October 7th, 1998, which is ten weeks early. He was born at St. Vincents in Birmingham. When he was delivered it was very difficult. The doctor had a strange look on his face. I was terrified. The neonatologist came in shortly after I had delivered Logan and told us some terrifying news. He told us that Logan did not have a soft spot and that all of his sutures were prematurly fused. Logan had been diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. We had never heard of this being new and young parents. The neo doctor told us he probably would not make it and with him being so premature that it didn't help. After many prayers Logan came through all of the normal premature obstacles and we were on our way. Logan was released from the NICU in December of 1998 and we then met...
Ashley Moore
What Jon and Debbie Moore, Ashley’s parents, had to say about Ashley’s journey.
Michael Moretti
Today, Children’s of Alabama cardiac intensivist Santiago Borasino, M.D., M.P.H., jokingly calls 3-year-old Michael Moretti “his little Alpaca.”
Art Morgan
Art Morgan’s first visit to Children’s was in 1955. By the time he was six years old, he’d had three surgeries to repair his harelip through state-of-the-art plastic surgery procedures, which were rare at the time. While he was too young to remember the first two visits, his mother fills in the gaps as she recalls every detail as if it were yesterday.
Lily Ann Morgan
Lily was born on Jan. 4, 2013. During her newborn screening in the well-baby nursery, it was discovered that she had a murmur. The doctors felt it was normal, caused by the hole that all babies are born with, called a PDA. To be safe, an ultrasound of her heart was performed. It was discovered that she had a much larger hole in her heart, as well as other problems. The results were sent to Birmingham, Ala. to be read by a Pediatric Cardiologist.
Tanner Morris
One mistake can sometimes lead to an unexpected, serious accident. Twelve-year-old Tanner Morris was out one evening riding bikes with friends, just like he would any other typical night, but this time Tanner wasn’t wearing a helmet. “He came inside crying, saying he had a wreck and hurt his elbow and his head,” said Tanner’s mom, Tara. “He was acting a little different and just a few minutes later he started vomiting.”
Baxter Moseley
Last September, when Baxter Moseley was asked to prepare an essay for a high school English class, he knew immediately how he would begin: “It’s funny how you can go to sleep as one person, but wake up feeling like someone brand new, fresh out of the box,” he wrote. “This is what happened to me …”
Madison Motley
Sometimes, one moment can change everything. For the Motley family, that happened on March 2, 2017, when Bill and Crystal’s oldest daughter, Madison, tried to end her life.
Trevor Moultrie
Sometimes a serious illness can come out of nowhere. That was the case for Trevor Moultrie. When he was just 15 months old, his aunt, Cerita, who was babysitting him one day, noticed he was acting lethargic and running a low-grade fever. “He didn’t have a wet diaper that day, so she thought that he might be dehydrated,” said Trevor’s mother, Sherri. “That’s how it all started.”
John Michael Mulkey
Theresa Mulkey knew there was something wrong with her son John Michael by the sound of his newborn cry. It didn’t sound like that of his older brother David. It was high pitched, like the shrill of a kitten. “I’m a nurse. My husband is a nurse. I worked for a pediatrician in Hoover, and I kept telling people something was wrong with my son,” Theresa recalls. “But they said he was fine. They told me I had postpartum depression.”
Amy Munson
Shortly after moving to Alabama with the military, our then five and a half month old daughter Amy started having some unusual symptoms. Unable to find anything, our pediatrician referred us to Children's for a direct admittance. An ultrasound showed a large mass in her pelvic region. CT scans proved "concerning" and a biopsy moved us onto 4 Tower, the oncology ward with the "C" word. . .CANCER. Amy underwent several rounds of chemo before finally going to surgery to remove the tumor (and getting a colostomy). After a few more rounds of chemo, she was in remission. Several more months later, they were able to take-down the colostomy. One of her chemo drugs caused hearing impairment and she now wears hearing aides. BUT . . .today, Amy is a happy, healthy three year old active in preschool, gymnastics and dance. Thanks be to God and to Children's Hospital!
Lily Murphy
On June 11th 2010, our daughter was pulled up from the bottom of a swimming pool. She had no signs of life and CPR was immediately started on her and 911 was called. An ambulance transported her to our local hospital where she was placed on a ventilator. We were told her condition was critical and she would need to be transported by life flight to Children's Hospital. We were so scared, but knew without a doubt that she would be in great hands. We absolutely knew that if she even had a small chance, Children's was exactly where we wanted her.
Matthew Myers
Eighteen-year-old Matthew Myers is a rising sophomore at Samford University in Birmingham majoring in pre-pharmacy. Why pre-pharmacy? He answers without hesitation.
Cayden Nicholas
Cayden Nicholas Pena was born on Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 11:15 pm. He was born 5 weeks and 5 days early due to my complications with pregnancy. After he was born, he developed jaundice. The doctors also noticed that his red blood cell count was not up like it should have been. At first they gave him the diagnosis of Hereditary Spherocytosis, however his hematologist in Birmingham wasn't sure until he got to see Cayden's actual blood cell. Hereditary Spherocytosis is where the red blood cells are shaped like spheres instead of a normal cell. Cayden will eventually have to have his spleen out due to his blood condition and his immune system will always be weak. He has had 12 blood transfusions and 1 complete blood exchange. Cayden has also had 5 hospitalizations all but 1 of those were at Children's in Birmingham. Now they are treating Cayden's...
Will Nichols
Initially, Will Nichols’ stomachache seemed like an ordinary childhood complaint. After all, it was Halloween night 2009, and he had consumed plenty of candy after trick-or-treating through his Mountain Brook neighborhood. To be safe, his parents, Tony and Rosemary, took Will to the emergency room, where doctors believed he was okay.
Hannah Nickerson
Mechia and Matthew Nickerson of Auburn, AL, are on a mission. They even have a tagline they use frequently in their conversation and on T-shirts: “Peace, Love, Cure—Hannah Grace.”
Jake Nummy
Five years ago our family was enjoying a normal Sunday when Jake Nummy our 13 year old was out in the field behind the house riding his four wheeler like both of our boys did all the time. Jake’s ride ended up changing our lives for ever. He flipped the four wheeler and it landed on his head. He was air lifted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL. We were told that he may not make it to the Hospital with the type of head injury he sustained. The second we arrived at Children’s Hospital we were treated as if we were the only people in that Hospital. I could not believe the attention we received from the beginning to the end. Dr. Wellons did the first surgery that night. We asked if he would pray with us and it was a blessing that he accepted. After the surgery it...
Diego Obregon Mendez
A heart attack. It’s the last thing a 17-year-old ever expects to experience. Especially an athlete. But on Feb. 9, 2014, the unthinkable happened to Diego Obregon Mendez. While playing soccer with friends, which he did on a regular basis, Diego suffered a massive heart attack. He was transported by ambulance to Children’s of Alabama. Once there, Dr. Jeffrey Alten, a pediatric critical care physician, had to perform CPR on him for an hour. After he was resuscitated, his parents were notified he had less than a one percent chance to survive. Less than one percent.
Ashley Otis
"Ashleigh Otis"
Grace Owens
Grace is our beautiful 5 year old daughter. She was born three months early due to complications with my pregnancy. I was told if she was not born that day I would die. She was born at UAB weighing only 1 pound, 15 ounces. She was not doing well after birth. Her lungs were not mature and she was on the ventilator. She had IV's coming from her umbilical cord and was under the lights most of the time. When they tried to feed her through a tube her belly blew up. It turned blue and the food was not digesting. Unsure what was wrong, the doctors gave her many antibiotics and took lots of X-rays, but were unable to find the problem. After nine days at UAB she was transferred to Children’s. She had not had any food the whole time and was down to 1 pound,...
Addie Faye Pace
I am 65 years old now, and I have not had any problems with my sacrum since I was 15. I have felt fine for years. 1999 I had to come back to Kirklin Clinic with a cyst in my spinal column. Dr. Paramore removed it by surgery, and stopped the sciatica pain. Now, I have two cysts under my sacrum and nothing can be done about this. It is something I have to live with. I was 14 years old in Feb. 11th and in the Children's Hospital. I had my 15th birthday in the hospital. I loved the nurses and the doctors and met so many friends since some of them were my age, or close. It was something I had never done— been away from home, and I missed my twin sister. I finally had the surgery and the whole stay in Children's Hospital was...
Zadian Palmer
Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes—even in a four-pound preemie. Zadian Palmer was born early, at just over four pounds, on May 6, 2008. “He had some complications, but he was a fighter,” says his mother, Silvia Rice. “He overcame and was able to come home from the hospital after just a few days.”
Ashlyn Papajohn
When I was 13 years old, I was with a group of friends at a local parade near Huntsville, Ala. Several of us were riding four-wheelers without helmets, which was not out of the ordinary. The last thing I can remember from that day was an older friend warning us, “You should put a helmet on before you get hurt!”
Caden Parker
After a normal pregnancy, I entered Crestwood Hospital to give birth to my second child. Caden was obviously struggling to breathe, and was carried away for tests. He was then rushed to NICU at Huntsville Hospital. After further testing, we learned that Caden had a birth defect called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Until that day, I had never heard of CDH and had no idea of how it would affect my precious new baby and our whole family. Caden was then rushed to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham; the only hospital in Alabama equipped to treat children with CDH. He had surgery at five days old to repair the hole in his diaphragm. After spending more than seven weeks in the hospital –four of them on a ventilator, we were blessed to bring him home breathing room air and drinking from a bottle. Not many families who have children with this...
Linda Parker Blaxton
I turned 3 years old in 1954. My birthday is June 2, 1951. In early November of 1954 my parents went to visit a neighbor whose young son had polio. Early the next week I got sick. I don't remember anything until the day I was diagnosed. My dad and mom had taken me to a small town doctor, Dr. Edwin Carpenter in Courtland, Alabama. He called ahead to Decatur Hospital and told them that dad was on his way with me. I know that dad and mom said the doctors in Decatur were busy and told them that I had nothing wrong with me but a cold. By the time my dad drove back to Dr. Carpenter's office in Courtland I wasn't doing a good job of breathing. I was taken in and an airway was inserted in his waiting room. At that time ambulances ran out of our...
Caleb Parrish
Caleb started seeing Dr. Brasfield in 1998. He was 2 years old. He was diagnosed with Active Airway Disease. We were told that he would not live past seven years old. He had to see Dr. Saeed in GI. Caleb was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Sydrome. We were told last month when we took Caleb to Birmingham that there was nothing more that could be done. Caleb has outlived the original time. He is 10 years old. Caleb is a happy-go-lucky little boy. He has always fought and he says he will continue to fight for his life. Children's Hospital has helped Caleb and our family. They have never given up on him or us. Every visit the doctors have came up with new things and it is amazing just how much love and devotion they show each and every child.
Anna Sue Patterson
At the age of 15 I had such a speech problem that I could not even say my own name (Sue). In the first grade I chose an advanced story to read to the teacher for the first time. In front of the whole class, she advised me that she did not know if I could read because she could not understand a word that I said. In the 6th grade, my principal pointed me out in front of the entire student body and told me that I could speak better if I tried. In high school, I would hear other students say "She's not deaf. She is just dumb." What people did not know--I could have finished High School in the 11th grade. I graduated from University of Montevallo with a degree in Speech and Hearing because I wanted to give back to the world what Children's had given...
Riley Ann Patterson
When the audiologist told us in May 2003 that our 18-month-old daughter had never heard our voices and didn't even know her name, we were devastated, but not shocked. We had suspicions, but we were still unprepared for the news that our daughter was deaf. She was fitted with digital hearing aids, but they were not powerful enough, so we opted for a cochlear implant. Dr. Audie Woolley at Children's Hospital placed a Nucleus Contour 24 in Riley's right ear on Sept. 16, 2003. On Oct. 9, 2003, she heard our voices for the first time when her implant was activated. Riley did so well with the first CI that she received a second implant, this time in her left ear, on April 16, 2007. The improvement in her speech and understanding has been amazing. Riley will start first grade this fall. She loves playing soccer and softball, she loves...
Joey Paulin
By Roseanna Paulin
Jackson Pavlovec
In August 2003, Jackson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 9 weeks. He required multiple insulin injections each day to control his diabetes. His treatment was going well, but we knew this lifestyle would be difficult for him as he got older.
Bailey Peavey
For 15-year-old Bailey Peavey, January 1, 2012 marked not only the start of a new year, but also the beginning of life with a new kidney.
Janice Pelfrey
Janice Pelfrey
Brantley Pelham
Brantley will be 2 years old in December. Through testing, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis before he was born. He has had a pretty rough go. In his short life he has been in the hospital about 25 times. CF can affect the lungs or digestive tract or both. Brantley’s issues have been more digestive. He was diagnosed with failure to thrive and had to have a G-Tube because of malnutrition. At 22 months he only weighs 24 pounds.
Jude Pendleton
When Jake and Samantha Pendleton welcomed their fourth child, Jude, the family was ecstatic. But that excitement was soon overshadowed by apprehension when Jude began experiencing serious breathing issues at just 8 days old.
Lee Pepper, 40 Years
My parents were young University of Alabama students in 1970 when they noticed that I was beginning to have trouble standing on my own. I was only two years old and my parents took me to different specialists and got different diagnosis before finally getting to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I’ve had to piece the experiences together from stories over the years and reading my medical records. There are no pictures or videos only a long scar and a few early memories of walking up the steps to Children’s for checkups after my surgery.
Jeff and Victoria Perry
Hello, my name is Jeff Perry, and both my daughter Victoria and I have been treated at Children’s Hospital.
Jason Peterson
About 31 years ago, when Jason Peterson was around two years old, he suffered second and third degree burns on his entire chest and back with blisters the size of softballs. I rushed Jason to the emergency room at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL. The doctor and nurses who treated Jason were simply awesome. They went the extra mile in Jason’s care and thoroughly instructed me on how to continue treatment of Jason’s burns to avoid infection and permanent damage. Because of the caring and meticulous doctor and nurses, Jason does not have any residual scars from his accident. Jason is now an R.N. and has worked at Children’s Hospital of Alabama since 1994. He manages critical care transport. He is passionately dedicated to his job and I cannot help but wonder if the personalized care he received during his childhood injury makes him even more enthusiastic and conscientious in...
Paul Peterson
Like many kids, Paul Peterson came down with the chicken pox when he was seven years old. But instead of recovering after a few weeks as most do, Paul’s body reacted to the antibodies produced in fighting the chicken pox. For the next three years, the young boy endured numerous episodes brought about by the autoimmune disease that had been triggered in his body. Each time, he was treated at Children’s Hospital.
Jacob Pettie
Before Jacob Pettie was born, doctors knew something was awry. Symptoms were evident when his mother, Melissa, was about 18 weeks pregnant. “I was having some routine blood work done, and one level happened to come back extremely high,” she said.
Amanda Phillips
My mom and dad found out when I was a baby that there was a hole in my heart. The blood was still flowing through pretty good but the doctors said that it would weaken my heart if I ever had a baby or as I got older. My parents, either hoping for grandchildren or a long life for me, decided that I needed to have the surgery. The doctors said it was better to do when I was a little older. I was five years old when my parents took me to Children's.
Bayleigh Phillips
The first signs of Bayleigh Phillips’s illness appeared in the fall of 2006. “Her piano teacher mentioned that we might want to get her eyes checked since she seemed to be looking sideways to read music,” said Bayleigh’s mother, Dixie Phillips. Busy preparing for the arrival of a new baby, the Phillipses observed Bayleigh carefully but noticed nothing of concern as she went about her normal activities.
Calvin Phillips
Fifteen-year-old Calvin Phillips was diagnosed with asthma almost five years ago. “He was having trouble breathing and he couldn’t stay awake at home,” said his mother, Renee Jackson. When his pediatrician couldn’t find anything wrong, Jackson became frustrated. Within a few weeks, Calvin had a serious asthma attack. “He had to go to Children’s by ambulance and he was hospitalized and in intensive care for more than a week,” she said.
Cami Phillips
At just a year old Cami was diagnosed with cancer. Cami’s Mom, Camille Phillips, remembers taking Cami to her well baby check-up. Their pediatrician discovered the tumor in her abdomen. Camille is so thankful that she took her child to the well baby check-up because otherwise it would have been a year later before they discovered the tumor. Cami’s tumor was diagnosed as a stage 3 tumor, meaning it covered her entire abdomen but it had not yet invaded any of her organs. Their pediatrician immediately sent the family to Children’s Hospital.
Henry Phillips
Beth Phillips will never forget that day at Children’s of Alabama in November of 2012. She and her husband, Jonathan, were in shock as cardiologist Yung Lau, MD, confirmed their greatest fear for their firstborn son, Henry.
Joseph Pickett
Think about the feelings you have when you are on a rollercoaster. Fear, excitement, nervousness – how your heart is in your throat and how your stomach turns. Then imagine being two years old and feeling that way all the time.
Bennie Pierce III
Bennie was diagnosed about two weeks after his 11th birthday and the prognosis was not good. Scans showed that he had a cancerous tumor on his left kidney, in his lung, on his liver and on his bones. Chemotherapy was started at the beginning of November 2007. I thought I would not have much time to spend with my precious son. Then, I gave it all over to the Man Above and just believed that He would oversee the healing process. After the first round of chemo his scans showed 90% shrinkage in all areas. I knew he would be okay. I had the Lord, Bennie's courage, my willpower, a wonderful doctor, a great hospital, a host of wonderful nurses and a caring staff, a great support system, and a host of prayer warriors. In January 2008 he had his left kidney removed, a piece of his lung removed and...
Avery Pilcher
Visiting the hospital emergency room at any age can be a frightening experience, especially when you’re just 3 years old. But, fortunately, children like Avery Pilcher of Birmingham will find some very special friends in the Children’s of Alabama emergency department – certified child life specialists.
Avery Pilcher
Visiting the hospital emergency room at any age can be a frightening experience, especially when you’re just 3 years old. But, fortunately, children like Avery Pilcher of Birmingham will find some very special friends in the Children’s of Alabama emergency department: certified child life specialists.
Carleigh Ann Pitts
Heart surgery is serious at any age. Now imagine yourself as the mother of a 10-day-old baby girl facing this challenge.
Naomi Pitts
Zaidan Pitts
My name is Marquita Smiley. My son, Zaidan Pitts, had a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Since we learned of his condition prenatally, our family was better able to prepare for Zaidan's arrival. The staff at UAB and Children's of Alabama helped us prepare by introducing our family to several members of the cardiology program and by informing us of what to expect following Zaidan's birth.
Boots Plott
Like thousands of families from every county in Alabama, the Plott family of Tuscaloosa depends on the Children’s Hospital of Alabama for the specialized pediatric care their son, Boots, can receive nowhere else in our state. A persistent ear infection resulted in Boots being seen at Children’s by Dr. Audie Woolley, a renowned otolaryngologist. The news was not good. Boots was one of only a handful of children in the world to have congenital cholesteatomas in both ears. Cholesteatomas are benign but fast-growing cysts that can result in hearing loss and even harm the brain.
Gracie Poole
Gracie Poole has amassed quite the bead collection in her eight years. Each “Bead of Courage,” unique in size, color and shape, tells a story grit, love and faith; each represent a treatment completed, a hardship conquered. One could say the beads are a power source for the adventurous 8 year old who has overcome every hurdle tossed in her path.
Gracie Ann Poole
Gracie's Garden of GraceAuthor's
Lola Celeste Poole
We knew something was wrong with Lola's head very soon after she was born. In fact, my husband Jeff said he noticed in the hospital that it appeared to be kind of lopsided. But figuring most newborns have funny-looking heads, he just brushed it off.
Lola Celeste Poole
Our youngest daughter Lola's cranial surgery has been scheduled for May 9, 2009, at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. According to the doctors, we should be in the hospital five days, the first of which will be in ICU. Lola has unicoronal craniosynostosis, which means one of her coronal sutures (these run from ear to ear) in her skull has fused early. Surgery is required to correct this and prevent her skull from becoming even more mis-shapen, keep her mid-face from twisting and allow her brain to grow evenly.
Mason Pope
Mason had a rough start to begin with. He was born 9 weeks early. We were so excited when we finally got to take him home. However, two weeks later he became very ill. After doctors admitted him they let us know he would be in the best hands at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. At a month old, he took his first ride in a plane, and us on the ride of our lives. The doctors were very sincere and upfront about what we were up against. If it wasn't for Children's, Mason may not be here today. He was very sick. He is also a strong little man! Children's Hospital means a second chance for our family. We were able to experience first-hand the love they have for their patients and the families. The doctors and nurses are one in a million and make you feel very secure...
Joshua and Mei-anna Porter
Kim and Shaune Porter and their children, 5-year-old Joshua and 3-year-old Mei-anna, are among the International Adoption Clinic’s success stories. The Porters, who live in Northport, came to the IAC when they adopted 22-month-old Joshua, who was born with a cleft palate. “What we needed at that point was knowledge, but they gave me a lot more,” Mrs. Porter says. The staff helped arrange for Joshua to undergo corrective surgery and to begin speech and occupational therapy --- all through the physicians and therapists at Children’s Hospital.
Melissa Posey
I call it My Mother's story because I have no memories of what happened to me, other than what she told me. I grew up hearing her story about how the wonderful doctors and nurses at Children's saved me with the help of God. I was 18 months old and ran a 106 degree fever. The local hospital was unable to make a diagnosis, so after 4 days, my parents asked that I be released and they drove me to Children's. After 3 days there I was diagnosed and was receiving treatment for Rheumatic Fever. I was at Children's for four weeks.
Mary Grace & Anna Grace Powell
When Jim and Kelly Powell adopted daughters Mary Grace and Anna Grace from the Democratic Republic of Congo, they learned first-hand adoption is beautiful but hard, too. It can also be isolating and stressful at times, but the Powells were able to find a helping hand in the International Adoption Clinic at Children’s of Alabama.
Morgan Price
Grandmother Dorothy Johnson of Birmingham is among Children’s of Alabama’s most vocal champions. She witnessed first-hand the skilled and compassionate care of doctors and staff when her granddaughter, Morgan Price, was admitted to Children’s in September 2014.
Andrew Pugh
Andy from Winfield, Ala. was diagnosed as having a peanut allergy by his pediatrician when he was 5 months old. A couple days before being seen, a scratch on his forehead and a small rash on his face were noticed. His mother thought it was because of an allergy to baby food he was fed that day which caused his face to breakout. The next day, Andy's face was swollen and the rash had gotten worse. He had blisters on his back and in his groin area. That’s when he was taken to see his pediatrician, only to be told it was a peanut allergy because his mother had been eating peanut candy while holding him. Later that night he was worse. He constantly screamed, his face was swollen, his skin was blistering and peeling off and he was having trouble breathing. He was rushed to Children's Hospital immediately and...
Allexionna Pyatt
Submitted by Mileah Lowe
Emmy Rains
Emmy Rains had always been a healthy child, so when she complained of sharp stomach pain, her parents, Karen and Tyler, knew something was off. The symptoms worsened despite a visit to the local pediatrician and normal test results. The stomach pain was accompanied by constant diarrhea and eventually vomiting. Within a month, Emmy had lost 20 pounds, her energy gone.
Carson Randall
Carson Randall
When a routine ultrasound early in Kawana Randall’s pregnancy in 2011 revealed twins, she and her husband, Lorenzo, of Calera were delighted. No sign of trouble for Kawana or her babies was evident but because of her small stature, her pregnancy was cautiously considered to be high risk and doctors placed her on bed rest. Despite those precautions, the two little boys – Carson and Carter – were born at just 26 weeks. Still, they appeared healthy. “We had no idea what was coming down the road,” Lorenzo said.
Pete Raper
In April of 1986 I was feeling very weak and tired, not typical for your average 5-year-old. Long story short, I was diagnosed with typed A-L-L Leukemia and rushed to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL that same day. The doctors worked vigorously giving me medicines, chemo, radiation treatments. I was even sent to Seattle, WA to have some of my bone marrow put on storage incase I needed a transplant. Thanks to Jesus Christ, and the doctors at Children’s Hospital, I’m alive today.
Ashley Trammell Rasberry
“Ashley's Miracle”
Payton Ray
Visits to the doctor are certainly not an event most children look forward to, but for Payton Ray, a routine doctor’s checkup turned out to be a potentially life-saving moment.
Ellie Grace Reece
After many years of trying to conceive, in June of 2009 we were blessed with the most beautiful brown haired, hazel-eyed miracle named Ellie Grace. We knew instantly that she would be special. Little did we know how special and strong our child would prove to be! On Easter Sunday 2010, we noticed a knot on Ellie Grace's back when she would bend and like any new parents, we were very concerned. She was 9 months old and the picture of a sweet and happy baby. We took her to the pediatrician the following Wednesday. Our doctor sent us over to Children's South for further testing and referred us to Dr. Scott Doyle to help provide an answer for what was going on with our child. Later that day, Ellie Grace was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis. This is a birth defect...
Parker Regan
My son Parker Alan was born June 5, 2009 at UAB West in Bessemer, AL. Doctor Francois Bladeau performed the c-section delivery, not knowing the complications to come. Parker was having a very hard time breathing. At first they thought maybe he had a little fluid on his lungs, which does happen with c-section babies because the fluid is not pushed out through the birth canal, but after trying to calm his breathing the doctor ordered an X-ray of Parker's chest. Everything happened so quickly, which I am thankful for because my son's life depended on it. Next thing I know, Dr. Georgeson is in my room telling me that my son was being transported to Children's Hospital in Birmingham with what he suspected was a herniated diaphragm. Three days went by and I was finally able to leave UAB West and we went directly to Children's to see my...
Clark Rhudy
Clark was born on April 10, 2010, in Birmingham, Alabama. Everything seemed normal until a few hours later he couldn’t keep his formula down. He was taken to Children’s NICU the next day, and we were told he had an intestinal blockage. We were devastated. We met with Dr. Chen, and he told us Clark would have to have an operation. The surgery went fine, but Dr. Chen said that his blockage was caused by unusually thick meconium called meconium ileus. As a result, he also had a twist in his bowel called a volvulus. We were told that there was a 70 percent chance that our baby boy had cystic fibrosis.
Baylee Rice
In January 2006 my five year old daughter Baylee was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. During the Christmas holiday I had noticed that she seemed to want to eat all the time. She has always been tall for her age so I assumed that she was having another growing spurt. Next were the trips to the bathroom every 15 to 20 minutes. When she would go it would be like she hadn't been in forever. One night she wet the bed from her head to her feet. The bed was soaked. I knew that something was wrong because this had never happened before. I took her to her pediatrician in Huntsville and she was diagnosed there. We were sent straight to a diabetes doctor there and sent home with needles, insulin, pens, lancets, wipes, cartridges, etc. I remember trying to give Baylee her first insulin shot at home. I was...
Claire Richardson
Right after Katrina, the kids were out of school until Oct. 6, I think. Claire had off and on stomachaces/ mild nausea and fatigue for about two weeks with several episodes of diarrhea (which most of us had), and only one time of vomiting.
Neil Richey
I was born with spina bifida and my bladder was on the outside and my rectum wasn't formed, my hipbones were out of place, and I had one functioning kidney.
Elijah Robertson
Since birth, Elijah has suffered severe acid reflux. We tried for months to find out the source of the problem without any luck. After several months and several visits to his doctor, we finally were able to get in to see Dr. Prescott Adkinson in the Allergy Clinic at Children's. After Dr. Adkinson reviewed Elijah's symptoms, he realized that Elijah could have food allergies that cause the acid reflux. He immediately set us up an appointment with Dr. Janaina Nogueria at Children's. After a routine upper GI, Dr. Noguiera was able to diagnose Elijah with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This disorder is caused by food allergies that set up "allergy cells" in the esophagus. The issue with this disorder is that no one knows what really causes it, and there is no cure. However, thanks to Dr. Noguiera and her staff, Elijah is able to take an experimental steroid that helps breakdown...
John Ed Robinson
Mr. John Ed Robinson has known first-hand what a special place Children’s Hospital is since he was first treated here more than 65 years ago.
Natalie Roden
Wow, where to begin… I was 22 weeks and I had a little girl-- Natalie. She was doing AWESOME for the first three days then her stomach starting swelling up. This went on for about two days when UAB then said it was time to transfer her to Children’s. Well within three hours of being there they told me she had NEC and needed surgery ASAP. My little Angel ended up going through six surgeries to get her where she is today. They tell you all the horror stories of what happens to premature babies. Thank God my baby only had the NEC issue. Dr. Georgeson and the Lord saved my baby that day. I don't have room here to tell her whole story. But it was a journey we will never forget! THANK YOU TO ALL HER DOCTORS AND NURSES we had throughout our stay at Children's Hospital...
Sydney Rogers
When Sydney Rogers was six years old her parents noticed that she had no energy. Her mother, Kim, said Sydney had no energy to run, play, or swim in the family’s pool. “She had been swimming since she was a baby and even when her friends and cousins were around she would just lie on the couch. Her daddy had to carry her everywhere we went on our trip to Chattanooga. She was just that weak.”
Bryce Romine
Children’s Hospital Remembered: The Lone Ranger, Bottled Milk and Air Conditioning
Anthony Rowett
When Ashley and Anthony Rowett welcomed their first child, Anthony, all seemed well. Then everything changed in an instant.
Brooklyn Royse
Amy and Robert Royse had known about Brooklyn’s heart problems since their daughter was just two years old, so every year they took her in for a routine visit with her cardiologist in their hometown of Mobile.
Christopher Ruffin
Sanqunette Ruffin remembers the day the doctor called and told her that her week old baby Christopher tested positive for sickle cell anemia. “I remembered what I had heard of sickle cell when I was a kid, and I thought, ‘My baby’s going to die,’” Sanqunette recalls. “But then we went to the doctor, and then my husband bought a book on it, and reality began to set in.”
Lexy Rugg
On a normal day in March little did I know that a Mom's worst nightmare would come true. My daughter Lexy a 2 year old is going about her normal day, playing, running and laughing when she falls on a play toy that she and her sister is playing with. When Lexy fell, little did we know that all our lives were about to change. When Lexy fell she immediately started crying as a 2 year old would, but all of a sudden she passed out and began vomiting at the same time. Her father and I freaked out and did not know what in the world was happening to our precious daughter. We immediately rushed her to our local E.R. and the local doctor did not have a clue as to what might even be wrong with Lexy. From there she was rushed to Dothan to Flowers Hospital....
Samantha Rushing
I went to the Children's Hospital when I was 15. I met Dr. Pacifico (aka Dr. Magnifico!) and was told that I had to have open-heart surgery. He helped my family feel more at ease throughout the ordeal, and we are still grateful. I am 22 years old now, and have since made a full recovery. I work at Wal-Mart as a cashier. When I learned how the company was such a big supporter of the Children's Hospital, I knew that I had to get involved. I went to visit the Children's Hospital on Wal-Mart Appreciation Day and was amazed at all the good that comes out of the place. I sold 599 balloons in the CMN balloon campaign, coming in 2nd place. I also have made over $550 for CMN by keeping a jar at my register and collecting loose change. I am so proud that I am a...
Bradley Sabatini
Meggy Sabatini’s pregnancy was textbook typical until her 37th week when she developed hypertension. That’s when her doctors at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) decided to induce labor and ultimately delivered little Bradley by Caesarean section on April 23, 2013.
Jacob Saelens
Jacob Saelens is much like any other 9-year-old. But unlike most other kids, it wasn’t until recently that he really got that chance.
Olivia Saint
Beth Saint had no idea her daughter was so close to dying.
Katelyn Sassin
Katelyn was a happy little girl, she loved running and playing with her siblings until Katelyn started to have severe pains in her joints, and she was very anemic and had no energy. Sometimes she would be in so much pain her mommy would have to help her get dressed and carry her around. Her parents were referred to childrens Hospital of Birmingham, September 11th 2008 was the day that changed the Sassin family's lives, the day Katelyn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Katie is currently undergoing extensive chemotherapy treatments. Katelyn wants to become an animal officer when she grows up and she just may get to do that with the help of the doctors and staff at childrens.
Abigail Lin Schoentrup
My Miracle
Camdyn Seay
Camdyn My Angel
Peggy Jean Self
My Stay as a Child
Kaylee Selfridge
This is Kaylee Selfridge at 9 years old. At birth she was perfect. At 8 weeks old, she gave us a real scare. She turned blue one evening at home, we rushed to the ER in Montgomery, and they told us she had croup. After a couple days in the hospital with steroids, her breathing became normal. The medications began to wear off after a week and she began having difficulty breathing again. We went to the pediatrician where they did x-rays and could not find anything, so more steroids. This continued for a couple weeks and it got worse.
Christopher Sellers
Who could know that exposure to walking pneumonia could cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome? We had never heard of SJS until Christopher was diagnosed in May 2007. It started out with a small rash on his neck and swollen lips. After getting to the emergency room in Tuscaloosa, the rash was spreading to the rest of his body, and blisters were forming on his neck and ears. When his condition did not improve, he was transferred to Children's. That was when he was diagnosed with SJS. He was in the PICU for two days then he was transferred to a regular room. His veins had become so weak that the nurses had to try to get IVs in his feet. By now the rash was from head to foot, and the blisters were all around his neck and ears, and down his throat. He could hardly talk. He would write things...
Erika Sellers
My name is Erika. I was born April 1991 with Spina Bifida at Huntsville Hospital. Not even 24 hours old, I was transported to Children's where I had my first spine closure surgery. Doctors told my parents I wouldn't make it pass the age of 3, 4 or 5 but here I am at almost 19. I was at Children's until I turned 18 last April. It is a great place.
Brock Senel
Brock Senel has big dreams, as any 9-year-old kid should. He talks passionately of geography and politics, and his aspirations to one day become a geopoliticist. He’s taken up Taekwondo, enjoyed his first-ever funnel cake at the county fair and looks forward to returning to school in his adopted hometown of Istanbul, Turkey.
Brock Senel
Elijah Seritt
It didn’t seem right that Elijah Seritt was sick all the time. Yet, doctors kept telling Gary and his wife that their toddler was fine. He gained some strength from IV fluids after visits to the emergency room. But he never fully recovered.
Christy Sewell
I was 23 weeks gestation and weighed 1 pound. I stayed at UAB for three weeks then was moved to Children's and remained there for five months. I was diagnosed with NEC, BPD, Grade III brain bleed and a host of other problems. I was on oxygen for several months and had a feeding tube from 3 years old until I was 12. I was also involved with Physical and Occupational Therapy. I am now 27 years old, a high school graduate and daycare volunteer.
Kiersten Sharpe
In July of 1999, my husband Philip and I went for what we thought was going to be a normal five month ultrasound. We found out we were going to have a girl, and then we got some shocking news. Our sweet baby girl (Kiersten- KK) would be born with a birth defect called an Omphalocele. An omphalocele is described as a herniation through the umbilical cord. With Kiersten, her umbilical cord did not close off allowing her liver and some intestines to herniate through the cord. This only happens in about 1:6000 pregnancies, and no one seems to know why. Philip and I had never heard of this before, and we were scared. We were sent to a specialist, and the news they gave us was not good! We were told that we needed to think about “terminating” the pregnancy. Philip and I both were in shock again. As...
Amanda Shellhouse
Dr. Charles Law is my hero! Because of my CP it was very hard for my mom to give me a bath and change my clothes. Then we heard of this new thing called a "baclofen pump" and decided to call Dr. Law. We set up an appointment for a trial dose to see if it would work on me. Well, it did and I am now on my second pump. Without this pump and medicine, my mom would not be able to take as good of care of me as she does. This medicine helps to keep me from being so tight in my arms and legs and actually helps me and her both. Thank you Dr. Law and thank you Children's Hospital for all you do and continue to do. I have to go up there about every 10 weeks for a refill of my pump and they...
Avery Alexus Sherman
Avery was born July 10, 2009. As soon as she was born we discovered that she had a few problems. They flew her to Children’s in Birmingham AL. They discovered she had more problems than they expected her to have. They diagnosed Avery with TEF; it stands for Esophageal Atresia/Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula. TEF is a rare congenital birth defect which affects approximately 1 in 4,000 babies. With EA/TEF, a baby is unable to swallow, and may also have trouble breathing. They also found Atrial and Ventricular Septal defects which are holes in the heart. They also found out that Avery’s kidneys were very small and she didn’t have a blatter. Avery is a very strong little girl and doesn’t even know it yet. She has been at Children’s every day of her life. They have tried to correct her TEF four times and it is still not functioning. Avery has...
Elizabeth Shoemaker
By Elizabeth Shoemaker Speegle
Rebecca Shy
Thirteen years ago we came to know Children’s Hospital. We had never heard of it until we needed it. To this day it gives me chills to think of the first time Children’s came to us. We were in the ICU of our local hospital with Dr. Scott waiting for "the Children’s team" to pick up our baby. They would be flying her away from us. When they entered that hospital in their blue flight suits a team of about five or six men and women carrying all kinds of equipment—it was a surreal moment. I was terrified. With confidence they answered my questions and prepared my baby for her first flight. She was now a child of Children’s who had "earned her wings" at six weeks old.
Jake Simmons
“Never give up…do whatever it takes. Don’t ever start something then quit.” These words inspired Jake Simmons when he learned he had Leukemia at the age of 17.
Brody Simpson
Brody Simpson came into the world May 8, 2015. He was a little early, but his mom and dad, Lacey and Jason, were ready for his arrival. What they weren’t ready for is what the doctors told them after he was born.
Meah and Carson Simpson
Meah and Carson Simpson bicker as siblings, but they’re each other’s cheerleader and protector through thick and thin.
Stephanie Sims
When our daughter Stephanie was just 12 days old she had a seizure. Her eyes were opening and closing and we rushed her to our local doctor in Tuscumbia. She was immediately air lifted to Children’s Hospital. As we drove down to Birmingham worried and frightened, our newborn baby girl’s entire life was about to change. Once there, she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus.
Janae Slade
Janae, now age 7, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes on September 27, 2006 at the age of 4. It is a day that our family will never forget. Janae spent three days in a local hospital. Within 72 hours we were educated on how to manage her diabetes. It was scary, but Janae's health became our top priority. Janae was seeing an endocrinologist in Huntsville and we would have to wait four months until she could see Dr. Abullatif. We had heard so many good things about him. Finally, in February 2007, we travelled to Birmingham for Janae's first appointment. Everything was made so clear. Dr. Abullatif and his staff have made managing her diabetes so much easier. I wish we had Dr. Abullatif when she was first diagnosed.
Sarah Kate and Nathan Sligh
Like thousands of families across the state, the Slighs of Fairhope, Ala. depend on Children’s of Alabama to provide the specialized pediatric care that 10-year-old Sarah Kate and 3-year-old Nathan need.
Lisa Willis Slusher
Jaylen Smiley
At 15-months, Jaylen Smiley seemed to be a happy and healthy baby. Three months later Violet Smiley began to observe changes in her son. “He was a very good baby, but I noticed he was becoming irritable and didn’t sleep,” she said. Believing that Jaylen had an ear infection, his pediatrician started him on antibiotics. “He didn’t get any better and I also noticed that his stomach was protruding,” Smiley said. After more antibiotics and a round of injections failed to clear up what his doctors now believed to be infection in both ears, Smiley insisted they run additional tests. “I knew something different was going on,” she said. In December 2001, just days before Christmas, the Smileys received the news that Jaylen had acute lymphocytic leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.
Andrew Smith
On Feb 10, 1999, our second child was born—Charles Andrew Smith II. At 8:05 a.m. a hush fell over the operating room as Dr. Reed reached in the incision and lifted our son into the world. Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see. Andrew's head was shaped like a football. Dr. Reed leaned over to me and said my baby had hydrocephalus and a neonatologist was on his way. Dr. Godoy told my husband our son had spina bifida. Andrew was stabilized and medically evacuated from Northport DCH to Children's in Birmingham. Dr. Oaks closed his back at 2 days old and shunted him at 5 days old. 2 days later we brought him home. Much of the first year of Andrew's life was spent at Children's both as outpatient and inpatient. In October 1999 Andrew became very ill and spent much of the remainder...
Ashley Smith
Ashley was born at 27 weeks gestation. She weighed 2 lbs.10 oz. and was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. She suffered from a grade Four Brain Hemorrhage and a serious fungal infection that was in her blood, urine, and cerebral fluid. Ashley was diagnosed with having cerebral palsy and required a shunt in her brain. Dr Jerry Oakes has been her neurosurgeon since she was born and performed all her shunt revisions. Dr. Conklin has been another provider for surgery and braces for her legs. Ashley has constantly had a smile on her face since she was born. She has left the walker behind and now walks with one fore arm crutch. She is a seventh grader at Ashford Jr. High School. Socializing is her favorite subject. She is an avid deer hunter and is very active in Girl Scouts and youth activities at church. We are constantly...
Brantson Smith
An August 2009 house fire left 5-year-old Brantson Smith with third-degree burns over approximately 15 percent of his body. “He was burned on his face, neck, hands and his left shoulder,” said his mother, Misty Smith.
Jaylee Beth Smith
When Jaylee Beth Smith was born at Helen Keller Hospital, her family did not realize that she would have anything in common with the famous namesake of her birthplace. For the first year of her life, Jaylee Beth never heard her Daddy call her name, her Mommy say “I Love You”, or her brothers sing to her. Two days after Jaylee Beth’s birth her parents were informed that she had some type of hearing loss. At six weeks old, she was sent to Children’s Hospital and was diagnosed as profoundly deaf.
John Charlton Smith
John Charlton Smith came to Children’s Hospital in 1943, when he was just seven years old. At that time Children’s Hospital was known as the Crippled Children’s Clinic. J.C.’s doctors diagnosed him with polio and he spent the next four years in the hospital battling the virus. A few years ago, J.C. had his hips replaced and while discussing his medical history his doctor mentioned that he may not have been suffering from Polio, but instead an uncommon disease with similar symptoms. Medical advances have come a long way since J.C. came to Children’s and they may not have really known what he suffered from, but they always took good care of him.
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey was the first of twins born at 32 weeks at UAB Hospital in January 1993 and when she was born she had a Cleft Palate and a Club Foot. When she was six months old Dr. Howard did surgery on her to close her palate. Since then we have been seeing Dr. Howard at Children's twice a year until about two years ago and now we see him once a year and will until she turns 18. She has to go to the Cleft Palate Clinics and they check her hearing, speech, dental and other things pertaining to her palate. Due to having the Cleft Palate she has a lot of Sinus and Ear problems she has had 13 sets of tubes put in her ears over the past 15 years. Also Kelsey had a Club Foot and Dr. Killian has done numerous surgeries on her foot over the...
Megan Smith
Megan Smith was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when she was just shy of her first birthday. The years since have brought unimaginable pain to the Northview High School junior honors student—pain so intense that the slender teenager was given morphine, Demerol and other strong drugs in doses high enough for a grown man twice her size. But the pain grew worse.
Shelby Smithart
Shelby was born nearly eight weeks early to Stacy and Billy Smithart. Shortly after he was born, he had difficulty breathing and was placed on a monitor. As he continued to have problems, he was flown to Children’s Hospital. There, the doctors explained that Shelby’s lungs were underdeveloped and were the cause of his breathing difficulties. Stacy said the nurses were able to put things into simpler terms for them.
Jacob Smitherman
For 13-year-old Jacob Smitherman, sickle cell disease has always been a part of life – he was diagnosed in utero. His parents both carried the sickle cell trait, prompting doctors to perform an amniocentesis when his mother was five months pregnant.
Emma Klaire Sneed
Emma Klaire was born on February 11, 2008. At two days old our pediatrician brought to our attention that Emma's head circumference was smaller than it should be for a full term baby. Emma was sent for a CAT scan which initially came back OK. After a series of blood tests she was initially diagnosed with CMV, cytomegaly virus. Dr. Melvin then referred us to Children's Hospital to see a specialist in the Infectious Disease Department. Our first trip was to see Dr. Crane in Infectious Diseases. She reviewed Emma's tests and requested a second CAT scan. That was the moment that our lives changed forever. Our beautiful seven week old daughter was then diagnosed with Lissencephaly, a congenital brain defect in which the brain does not develop properly in early pregnancy. Emma Klaire's brain is smooth, rather than having the folds and ridges that "normal" brains have. On April...
Michael Snider
When Michael was only 14 months old he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Of course, at that age he had no idea what was going on. There’s no doubt that it was life changing, not just for us but for everyone that we are close with too. Because Michael sure loved to eat, it was a job trying to make sure he was taken care of and his numbers were where they were supposed to be, while at the same time making him feel normal when we were at gatherings and birthdays. Children's of Alabama helped us so much when it came to learning everything we needed to know. Dr. Latif was an excellent doctor and we absolutely loved him. It was always a Roll Tide/War Eagle thing with him and Michael. Michael touched everybody he met and was the most lovable kid ever; he loved everybody.
Avery Snuggs
Avery turned 4 years old in December 2011. When she went for her checkup in January 2012, everything was good. She developed a cold toward the end of the month so we took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with a sinus infection. On her sixth day of taking an antibiotic, we noticed unusual bruising and purple petechiae on her belly. This alarmed us so we called the pediatrician that evening and were told to discontinue the antibiotic and bring Avery in first thing in the morning.
Ethan Carter Sowash
Ethan's Story
Copeland Spires
We are honored to share our story with you. We have a blended family with five children. In October 2004, we found out that we were expecting. We had not gotten over the shock before problems started developing. By week 16 of the pregnancy Meg's blood pressure was out of control and by week 22 of the pregnancy Meg was admitted to the hospital on strict bed rest. We had several meetings with neonatologist and they told us that the baby’s chance of survival was very poor. Daily ultrasounds were performed to determine if the baby was growing or in any distress. By week 26, the physicians told us that the baby was under a great deal of stress and so was Meg. We had no option but to do an emergency C-section.
Jeffretta Splunge
My name is Jeffretta Splunge. I am15 years old. I was diagnosed with a kidney disease when I was only eight years old. My first reaction was feeling scared and confused at how this could happen to me. When I tell people they think I’m not telling the truth because I look perfectly healthy on the outside. I felt sad and alone at times. I take a lot of medicine each day. Through family friends and prayer we are getting through this alright. I still see Dr. Benfield at Children’s Hospital. My kidney disease will remain with me all my life. And I hope Children’s Hospital will help someone like they are helping me.
Johnathan Stancil
My story is about Johnathan Stancil. He was born on August 26, 1989 in Jacksonville, Alabama and was a very healthy boy. At 6 months he got spinal meningitis and spent 16 days in Anniston and about two weeks after that we ended up at Children's he was throwing up and when he went to the eye doctor he said something was wrong and told us we needed to go to children's and be seen by a doctor over there and we went and saw Dr. Rutledge. She put him in the hospital right away. She started drawing the blood of the top of his head for 15 days he was very sick he started running a fever and they did not know why. They did CAT scans on him to make sure the pressure was going away out of the top of his head. He had to...
Crystal Stanfield
"History Does Repeat Itself"
Stevie Stanfill
When Taylor and Sally Stanfill began their adoption journey, they were unsure of the support they would need and when they would need it. Luckily, before they got too deep into the process, someone recommended the International Clinic at Children’s of Alabama. The Stanfills turned to the clinic when they received the file for their son, Stevie.
Kelly Stevens
On May 1976, at 21 months old Kelly was at an apartment nursery and fell into the pool and began to drown. Her parents Sandy and Frank remember it as if it were yesterday. Frank Stewart, Kelly’s father, was a volunteer fireman and happened to be home the day Kelly fell into the pool. He immediately started emergency first aid on his daughter. A local doctor was on hand as well to help Frank with his daughter. It was never determined how long she was under water but she was dark blue, Frank remembers. After being in the emergency room in Montgomery for a couple of days Kelly was transferred to Children’s Hospital. Her local pediatrician had never worked with a child in this situation before and was too concerned for her life to keep her in Montgomery.
Ann Presley Stewart
In January of 2007, Ann Presley Stewart of Enterprise had surgery for a bacterial infection and spent a week at Children’s Hospital. Her parents, Chad and Rebecca, report that their youngest daughter is completely healthy now – “thanks to God and the wonderful people at Children’s.”
Tykwun Stewart
Sixteen-year-old Tykwun Stewart loves sports—particularly basketball and auto racing. When he received his March 2013 kidney transplant he scored a big victory over the kidney disease that often sidelined him from his favorite activities.
Luther Strange
Luther Strage's Story
Wesley Strawbridge
Wesley Strawbridge of Atmore is a chubby-cheeked toddler who enjoys farm animals, getting his hands dirty and making his toy cars go “Vroom! Vroom!” He loves to eat – his favorite foods are scrambled eggs, cheese and pickled beets. And he’s also excited about becoming a big brother in a few months.
Paul Strickland
An annual Thanksgiving family reunion in 1990 was interrupted when eight year old Paul complained with shortness of breath, pain in the left side and leg cramps while playing outside with cousins. His problems had begun four weeks earlier with sinus drainage leading to sore throat and an ever so slow-rising temperature. The Monday following Thanksgiving a bone marrow aspiration confirmed our worst fears of acute lymphocytic leukemia. TCHA became our haven away from home and on Tuesday after Christmas, Paul was in remission. However, all roads still led to Birmingham for three years of preventative chemo and annual check-ups until 21 years old. Today Paul is a picture of health and very devoted to his position in the Internet department with a local total communications company. Paul and Megan, his bride of less than a year, stay busy with Megan working full-time during the day and attending night college...
James Strong
His family and friends call him “The Strong 1.”
Robin Struble
“It is a wise father who knows his own child.” – William Shakespeare
Tyeasha Summers
Seven year old Tyeasha Summers loves Hannah Montana and playing outside. It’s that last part that sometimes gets her into trouble. As a hemophiliac, “normal” bumps, bruises and cuts are anything but.
Alexander Swader
Eight year old Alex Swader was competing in a national dance competition in July 2007, when his mom, Michele, hugged him and found a small knot on his back. Michele says, “It was the size of a pea and seemed like a bruise.” Three weeks later, the bruise was still there. Alex’s parents took him to see a pediatrician who initially diagnosed it as a type of benign tumor and told them to watch it for changes.
Caitlin Marie Swindle
My name is Caitlin Marie and I am 18 years old. When I was only 30 minutes to an hour old, I was taken to Children’s of Alabama. I was born with a cloacal anomaly, an imperforate anus and a heart murmur.
Stefani Swindle
Jennifer Swindle, a special care nurse at Children’s of Alabama, meets all sorts of children while on the job. But it was one baby girl who stole her heart – and eventually took her last name.
Shannon Taylor
It all started the summer of the fifth grade. I was about to start my sixth grade year. I was always a very small child and my mom noticed that I wasn’t getting any taller, and she was concerned. She scheduled an appointment with my pediatrician, Dr. Coggins, and everything happened from there. They took an X-ray of my left hand and discovered that the growth plate was closing, and fast. They scheduled an appointment at Children’s with Dr. Latif. It was there that I was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome and Hypothyroidism. I titled my story "Different" for a reason. The number of girls that have turner syndrome is rare, but I have mosaic Turner Syndrome, which is very rare. Both growth disorders have affected my life greatly, but I am a stronger and better person because of it. Thank you Children’s.
Briley Teague
Briley Teague was 7 years old when her pediatrician pulled her mother, Angie, aside and said, “Your life is about to change.”
Samuel Teal
Samuel’s mom, Jennifer, said when she was pregnant with Samuel the doctors in Dothan noticed a spot on her ultrasound and sent her to Birmingham for genetic testing. Miraculously the spot was gone by her next visit.
Charles Terry
Charles Terry’s first experience with Children’s Hospital was in the 1930’s when he was about 10 years old.
Adriane and Adam Tharp
home from being born the night before. Adam had wonderful doctors and all the nurses and patients on 4 Tower are like family. We still communicate with each other. We were sad to see doctor Castleberry retire. Of all the things I remember the doctors telling us that the treatment would stunt Adam's growth and he would have a learning curve. He is 15 now and is 6"3 and is at Montevallo as we speak taking college prep classes and bench pressing 400+ pounds. God is good. When Adriane was 7 years old she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so we are still coming to Children's quite often.
Cameron Thedford
Despite the hardships that come with living with sickle cell disease, Cameron Thedford carries himself with quiet bravery and determination.
Evan and Elliot Thomas
When Mary Ann Thomas went into labor two months early, she was life-flighted to Birmingham. Her doctors discovered that her twins had problems that extended far beyond their pre-maturity. After delivery, they were transported immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital.
Lillian Ruth Thomas
Lillian Ruth Thomas is 2-years-old and her big brothers, Henry and Will, are crazy about her! The siblings have been thick as thieves since parents Mary Brook and PK Thomas adopted Lillian from China in 2017.
Alex Thompson
Ross and Ingrid Thompson only thought they knew the meaning of the word “hope” when they named their newborn daughter Alexandra Hope. But 12 years later, the word would take on an even deeper meaning when Alex was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Jesse Thompson
My Courage
Lilianna Thompson
If the big brown eyes don’t melt your heart, then the sweet, bright smile certainly will. Those are the first things you notice about Lilianna Thompson, a walking, talking, giggling miracle.
Michael Thompson
In the summer of 2004 Michael was a happy 7-year-old boy. My parents took us on a trip to Disney World while my husband was serving in Iraq. During the trip, he complained constantly of pain in his hips and he was terribly fatigued. He enjoyed himself, but just barely. School started and Michael began to miss a few days here and there. He complained of shortness of breath and panted constantly. He had unexplained fevers periodically, and fell asleep in class several days a week. Months went by and Michael was treated for various normal childhood illnesses, but never really got better. While on Christmas vacation in Florida, Michael slept most days and had a slight rash on his face. When school started back in January, his fevers exceeded 103 degrees and he felt terrible. We went back to the pediatrician and he was hospitalized because of anemia. He...
Chelley Thorne
Ever since my little girl was born she has had a problem with ears and sinuses. We were told at age 3 that we had carnial stenosis and that we had to go and see a Neurologist at Children’s. When we arrived we were scared and unsure of what the outcome would be after seeing the doctor and talking with him he put our minds at ease, that she would be fine and that no surgery was needed. Two years later we were once again told that we had to go to Children’s and that our little girl’s sinuses were not growing like they should and that we needed to see a doctor there. We made that long trip once again. We saw Dr. Wooley and he decided that he needed to go in and look around so we allowed him to do so. We spent one night at...
Shiketheia Threatts
I was around the age of five when I was diagnosed with Cruzons Syndrome. Being so young those were words I didn’t understand. I mean I knew when I was little that I had to be careful with my eyes or they would slip out, so even blow drying my hair was a caution. I dealt with the stares, the teasing and not having many friends. I didn’t like taking pictures either. After my first surgery things sort of got worse. I had a hard time accepting things and was always quiet and shy. I had friends but even they had their "lets pick on Shiketheia" moments. I blamed myself, I felt like it was my fault that I looked the way I did. As I reached the later years of my life I accepted myself, I figured there wasn’t anything anyone could do. That was until I met Dr....
April Trammell
At age 14, April and her friend, Alicia, were out riding four-wheelers when they each went down a cliff and were thrown off the vehicles. April immediately went to her friend’s rescue.
Lukas Trejo
Lukas was diagnosed in September of 2005. He was almost two when he got sick. Lukas' last treatment is December 2008. It has been a long three years, but god has blessed us with Children’s Hospital. The chemo never made him very sick. Overall we were very luck.
Ricky Treloar
When Ricky was born, we found out that he had a form of spina bifida called lipomylomeningocele. Dr. Cheryl Fekete broke the news to us after we had several hours of wondering what was wrong. We had to go to Children's Hospital when he was one day old. We met Dr. Oakes who scheduled an MRI that day and scheduled surgery for the following week. The surgery was long but very successful. The prognosis was Ricky had a 20 percent chance of walking with surgery and maybe a five percent chance without it. We always knew Ricky would walk. He was a very determined baby. He started rolling over at six months; although it took almost that long for his left leg to move. He started sitting up at nine months, and walked at 16 months. From there he played soccer, T-ball, and basketball until March 30, 2008 when he...
Keelan Tucker
Imagine walking down the halls of a hospital and a doctor stops you and says, "Your baby is not dying right now but he is probably going to." Those exact words became reality as my mom walked down the halls of St. Vincent's 22 years ago. After birth, I caught this deadly infection in the blood called sepsis. I only had a 7% chance to live and with any shot at life I would have to be put on this machine called ECMO. ECMO is a heart and lung bypass machine that takes the blood out of your body, filters oxygen through it before returning it back to your body. At the time, there was only one ECMO machine in the state of Alabama, and it was located at the Children's Hospital of Alabama. After they realized I needed this machine, they rushed me to Children's. As I arrived, I...
Ayannah Turner
Sometimes, a doctor is just a doctor. But oftentimes, they are so much more. For Ayannah Turner and her family, the doctors and staff at Children’s of Alabama are much more like family. “So many people at Children’s helped shape our life,” said Sheila Barnes, Ayannah’s mother. “Everyone there, from the cafeteria workers to the lab techs and those in environmental services, has become a part of us.”
Nia Turner
Mia Jacobs Turner and her husband knew they both had the sickle cell trait and that their children would have a 1 in 4 chance of being born with the disease, but they decided to take their chances. Either way, they would still love and care for any baby they would have.
Tyler VanHoozer
Riding the Wave
Trey Vaught
Trey Vaught’s story is about courage and support, an answered prayer and perfect timing – and how all these things together allowed the Vaught family to feel at ease while Trey was undergoing life-saving treatment at Children’s of Alabama.
Flint Vick
Flint Vick
Noah Vick
For Laura Ruth Padgett and her son, Noah Vick, life changed in an instant. One day while playing out on his condo balcony without his mother’s knowledge, Noah slipped and fell five stories.
Constance Elaine Vickery Vickery
Connie's Experience 70 Years Ago
Kennedy Vickery
Kennedy Vickery is a 4-year-old “girly-girl” who loves dolls, plays t-ball and flies through the air in gymnastics, and she does it all with her fierce “super foot.”
Katie Von Hagel
Katie Von Hagel is a 16-year-old high schooler living with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disorder that causes a thick mucus buildup in the lungs and other organs. The diagnosis hasn’t stopped her from cheering for her beloved Gardendale High School Rockets or making the A-B roll. Nor has it stopped her from passing her driver’s license test or dreaming of admission to Auburn University to study nursing or physical therapy.
Ezra Wade
Ezra Clint Wade was born on April 23, 2013, and appeared as normal as any other healthy, 8lb 15oz boy. It wasn’t until 6 weeks later, when we were giving him a bath, that we discovered a large, marble sized, blue lump on his neck which appeared in a matter of an hour. Panicked, we rushed him to the local ER where we weren’t given much of a diagnosis other than it wasn’t cancer, and it wasn’t life threatening at this time. We were asked to see our pediatrician the next morning when the office opened and she immediately sent us to Children’s of Birmingham for further testing. You cannot imagine the fear and anxiety coursing through our bodies during that 4 hour drive- I don’t think we said a word; we were brand new parents and had googled every possibility it could be from a...
Beaux Waites
Energetic, full of joy and a million-dollar smile is the best way to describe 5-year-old Beaux Waites. Beaux is also a fighter, having been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a heart condition called atrioventricular (AV) canal defect.
Emily Walker
Submitted by Laura Walker
Jermeka Wallace
I am writing to say Children’s Hospital is a wonderful place. The doctors and nurses are really good. My son has been coming to the hospital since 1980. He was a seven month old baby and had some problems breathing and fluid on his brain. He had a VP shunt placed and six to eight surgeries at Children’s Hospital.
John and James Walsh
Our Children’s journey began in November of 1991 when our first child son, John, was rushed from our home town of Panama City, Florida to Children’s at 4-1/2 months old. This was for emergency surgery to remove intestinal blockage. John was born with Hirschsprung's disease. John underwent “pull-through” surgery at 15 months and again at 10 years old. John has also been diagnosed with growth-hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism and Pseudo-Tumor Cerebri and is followed by Endocrine and Neurosurgery also. He is now a healthy freshman at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.
Christian Ward
One day, Christian Ward started to complain of back pain. Then his eyes suddenly became sensitive to light.
Evan Ward
When Tisha and Brian Ward of Montgomery learned they were expecting baby Evan, they knew the likelihood of him being born with hemophilia was high.
DeCal Wesley Ware
Cal's Miraculous Story
Randall Warkentin
Our son was nineteen, full of life and ambitious. While mountain biking at Oak Mountain he had a fall and shortly thereafter developed a swelling on his hip. We doctored locally first but no doctor could tell us it was just a hematoma caused by his fall. We finally ended up in Birmingham for an open biopsy. All in one day, we got the awful diagnosis, went the few blocks from Kirklin Clinic, and met with the doctors from Childen’s. Randy fought a courageous fight for almost three years. During that time he underwent chemo and radiation, but still managed to start a concrete finishing business and marry his love, Martha. He left us peacefully at Children's Hospital August 19, 2006. Randy loved Children's Hospital. He loved his doctor and his nurses! One time he spiked a high fever, he was miserably ill, and we were on our way...
Reagan Watkins
It often has been said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the case of Reagan Watkins of Brookwood, however, it has taken all the expertise, care and love of a “brain trust” to help this courageous and joyful little girl reach the milestone of her fourth birthday—and to thrive in the months since that time.
Herman Sims and Jacqueline Watson
Visits to Children’s of Alabama are a family affair for 4-year-old Jacquelyn Watson and her brother, 8-year-old Herman Sims. Both children are patients at the hospital’s Pulmonary Medicine Clinic.
Lily Kate Watson
Walking through an adoption is an emotional and stressful time for a family. Already parents to three boys, Brian and Jennifer Watson of Atlanta, Georgia were excited to adopt, yet they weren’t oblivious to the major change they were making in all of their lives. So from the very beginning of the process, the Watsons turned to the International Adoption Clinic at Children’s of Alabama for help.
Nigeria Watson
When Lakeshia Watson’s 12-year-old daughter, Nigeria, received the news that her cancer (osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer) was in remission, she thought her daughter’s nearly year-long medical ordeal was over. But it wasn’t long before an even bigger problem came to light.
Taylor Watts
After several months of having a fever, a limp and other symptoms Taylor was diagnosed on 10.10.02 with Neuroblastoma, a very rare childhood cancer. We were sent to Dr. Berkow in the Oncology dept. It was a long hard battle, but so far Taylor is winning. We never had a bad moment on 4 tower or clinic 8. We truly love our staff at Children's and are so grateful for them. God put us right where we needed to be. We praise God everyday for the miracle he gave us in Taylor and for giving us Children's Hospital.
Ward Webb
It was every parent’s worst nightmare. When Ward Webb was only 4 years old, he was outside playing when he came in contact with a live power line and was critically injured.
Michaln Wells
Sixteen-year-old Michaln Wells is listed as a centerfielder on the roster of the Childersburg High School Tigers Baseball Team. But his name can also be found on another important roll – the national organ transplant waiting list.
JoAnn West
JoAnn West was 4 years old when she was diagnosed with polio.
Karen Wheeler
Margaret Wheeler received a good Christmas present in 1962 -- her 4 month old daughter, Karen, came home from a week-long stay at Children’s Hospital.
Jarmaine White
Pregnancy often brings a surprise or two with it, but the news Siobhan White received while expecting her son, JJ, set the family on a course they never planned. Routine prenatal testing led to a diagnosis of sickle cell disease for both White and her new baby.
Debbie Renae Whitehead
Promples with My Stomach
Logan Whitehead
It’s not often cancer is considered a positive experience. For cancer survivors Hannah Acton and Logan Whitehead, their respective journeys led to a joyful engagement and plans for a future filled with happiness.
Tucker Wick
Doctor visits, surgeries, and hospitals have been frequent and common for Tucker Wick of Mount Olive, Alabama. In fact, they all started the day he was born in February, 2007.
Mollie Wilder
Mollie Wilder had always been a relatively healthy child, but at age 10 she started having headaches. No one really thought anything of it at first until the headaches worsened. Mollie’s parents, Renee and Scott, took her to the emergency room twice, but both times doctors concluded the headaches were just pre-puberty migraines. Not satisfied with that answer, Renee sought another opinion from Mollie’s pediatrician.
Rollins Wilkerson
For almost two years, Rollins Wilkerson was a typical, healthy little girl. But the week of her second birthday in June 2008, she began to exhibit seemingly small illnesses. First, it was pink eye. Then, it was an ear infection. “We really didn’t think much of it,” said her mother, Brooke.
Chase and McKenzie Williams
Both of our children have been in Children's. Both have had reflux and seen Dr. Mestre. Both have had EGD's, both have had PH probe studies. Chase had to have a liver biopsy, McKenzie had to see the urologist and have numerous urology test done for re-correct UTI's.
Parker Williams
May 22, 2017 is a day forever marked on the hearts of the Williams family. Their youngest child, then 1-year-old Parker, born with a congenital heart defect, was wheeled back to surgery at Children’s of Alabama to receive a new heart.
Stephanie Williams
My name is Stephanie Williams. I am a former patient of the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. I was treated there in 1977. I had open heart surgery and I also had tests off and on such as catherizations and balloons done there when needed. At the time I was a patient I went by my maiden name Stephanie Lynn Lemaster. I can still remember when I had some of my test there. Everyone was great and I made friends there with other patients. I sometimes wonder how they are doing. I still have to visit my heart doctor once a year because I have a leaking valve (which is severe), but we are just keeping an eye on it right now, but eventually something will have to be done.
Erica Wilson
In the course of a single day, Erica Wilson went from being an active 12-year-old who loved to dance to being told she would never walk again.
Peyton Wilson
Peyton was born at Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama at 6:15 p.m. on 11/19/06. The doctors informed us that he needed to be flown to Children's Hospital that night because he did not have an anus, he had a major VSD, and he had Down Syndrome. Once the flight team arrived they put Peyton in a big machine, and they told my husband and I that they would take good care of him. I got to the Hospital the next day (even though it was not visiting hours) the nurses at Children’s let me hold my baby for the first time in NICU. Peyton had Colostomy Surgery two days later. His first stay at Children’s lasted for three weeks and he has since had a few more surgeries. We continue to go back and forth to Children's hospital and probably will for a few more years. Even though Peyton...
Whitney Wilson
One day my daughter Whitney was complaining of a bad sore throat. We went to see her doctor and they just said that she had tonsillitis and that it would've gone away if she had taken medicine. Later on her throat kept hurting and her tonsils were huge. She was having trouble breathing and she tossed and turned during the night and she would snore so loud. We went to the doctor a few days later and he referred us to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham it was Children’s South. So we went down there and he scheduled for her to have surgery done. On October 5, 2007 she had her tonsils removed and her adenoids removed too. She was so happy. After a few days of surgery she has never complaining of a sore throat again. And since today she hasn’t complained about her breathing problems and she never...
Whitney Lynn Wilson
It was October 5, 2007 and I had strep throat a lot. My doctor told me to go to the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham so we were referred there. When we got there I had my tonsils taken out and also my adenoids. I got much better. Since then I have not had strep throat as much as usual. Without Children’s nothing would be improved.
Luke Womack
Luke started his hearing journey at 2 1/2 at the Children's HEAR Center. His weekly speech therapy sessions took him from being unable to communicate to an unstoppable chatterbox. At age 5 when his journey took a detour and his hearing dramatically worsened, it was the staff at the HEAR. Center that provided support and guidance to put the journey back on track. We met Dr. Wooley whose skilled hands restored Luke's ability to hear with a cochlear implant. Today Luke is a healthy happy 10-year old who sings in his school chorus, takes guitar lessons, and enjoys the sounds of life we all take for granted. The journey continues with the support of his hearing team, family, and friends.
Jozie Woodfin
Jozie Ward Woodfin has come a long way since June 29, 2016, when an accident left him severely burned and fighting for his life in the intensive care unit.
Colton Woolbright
Seven-year-old Colton Woolbright used to grow frustrated when his classmates didn’t understand why he takes daily medications or wears a mask to protect his compromised immune system. Colton was born with cystic fibrosis, but he has refused to let the disease best him.
Zachary Woolley
Zachary Woolley of Birmingham has accomplished much in his 27 years. He’s an Oak Mountain High School and Mississippi State University graduate whose passion for civil rights landed him at the Birmingham School of Law, where he’s currently a student.
Micah Worley
In many ways, 15-year-old Micah Worley of Prattville is a typical teenager. He loves playing and watching sports—in particular, University of Alabama football and NBA Lakers basketball.
Jordan Wyatt
Tommie Carlson is moved to tears when she recounts the details of the day her son Jordan Wyatt was diagnosed at 3 months old with biliary atresia, a serious liver disorder in which the bile ducts that carry bile from the liver become blocked. “The doctor told me the statistics, that a very high percentage of infants – around 70 percent – who are diagnosed with biliary atresia will need a transplant by the time they are two,” she says.
Jamilynn Yarbrough
April 7, 2002 was supposed to be one of the best days in James and Stephanie Yarbrough’s life as they prepared to welcome their baby girl, Jamilynn into the world. Shortly after the doctor broke Stephanie’s water, however, everything went terribly wrong. Three minutes later, the heart monitor attached to Stephanie’s stomach went flat, and she was rushed into the OR at St. Vincent’s Hospital for an emergency Caesarean.
Jeremiah Young
By Kathy Young
Owen Young
It was January 26, 2005, and I was taking Owen for his 15 month well visit. I had noticed the strange glare on his eye several times but didn't think much of it. I was more concerned about his vision. Being very nearsighted myself, I made sure I knew what to look for and he had been tilting his head to the side when playing so I knew something was wrong. I had no clue it was cancer. Retinoblastoma to be exact. Within two days we were at Children’s Hospital and our lives were forever changed. Owen had a stage five tumor in his left eye and a very tiny one in the right. We were told that he was, and would forever be blind in the left eye. We began to pray and believe for a different outcome that very day. After one round of chemo the left tumor...
Makyah Janae Zeigler
In October 2005, my daughter and her cousin bumped heads, this caused my daughter to have a slight concussion. My daughter became dehydrated and began having crisis. The night after she was admitted into the hospital, her eyes crossed and the doctor could not figure out what was wrong so he sent her to Children's Hospital. During her stay, she had a pherisis, different labs, an MRI, X-rays, and different tests ran. We found out that she has a narrowed blood vessel in her brain and she will have to have cronic blood transfusions for probably the rest of her life. Upon arrival home, she had to wear eye patches to straighten her eyes. Since then, her eyes have straightened out, she has been doing fine with her transfusions, she is a straight-A student, a member of the choir, and a cheerleader. She leads a normal life and enjoys being...
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